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The Only Thing Constant in Life is “Change”


“Change”  usually sounds very scary unless you are a Adventurous person, then you will love it but that’s not always the case. Change is mean, it takes away things we used to love. We lose friends, family, acquaintances and all we are said is, “Its life move on, things change”. I always used to wonder why is there change, why can’t this world be the place where I don’t lose people but again the same thing comes in front of me its life its changes. Climate changes, people change, lifestyle changes, priorities changes, and there is more to the list. I have always been afraid of Changes, a small part of me always wants things to be the same. Sometimes even I enjoy change like if the teacher I hated the most is changed by a lovely teacher than I love the change.

It amazes me how a small word like Change can make a smile go away. Graduation Day, a biggest achievement of the student but he is not happy, why because he knows these days wont come back. Just like that in a split second his whole world is changed. No college, No homework, actually homework part doesn’t sounds that bad but yes everything changes. So what can be done to keep our lives stable, to stay in the same flow what life had been this far. Unfortunately that will never happen, the days past will never be back, the people lost, will never be back. It is the rule of life it maybe mean, it maybe good but who can you fight with. We can just accept the fact that life changes. Every human being changes with time, people usually complain, “You have changed a lot”. Which is true, yes I have changed, everyone has changed. Change is always thought of as a bad thing, it takes away from us what was supposed to be with us for the rest of our life, but no one can stay with us for the rest of our lives. We came alone in this world, yes of course with help of others but we came alone, we will die alone so what is this fuss about. Were you not aware of these things? were you not told? Is this change something new. You have experienced this before this is not of something new. Life is ever changing if the climate wouldn’t change we would all be dead so change is the natures rule and should be accepted gracefully.

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The major reason why we can’t accept change is that our mind thinks that it has wasted an amount of time on someone or something. The mind thinks it has invested time and energy in someone and it is not paying off and it is going away. This is one of the reasons why we fear changes. Only thing which can be said on this is that karma is powerful, what you do, comes back, if you have invested time on someone and you did good for them, even if they don’t repay you someone will, keep faith. Losing your loved ones should not make one fearing to be attached again.

Another reason contributing in fear of change is Anticipation, our mind has some events or behaviours anticipated, if it goes something against our will it disturbs our mind causing uneasiness and thus resulting in fear of change. To face this scenario we should accept the fact that this world will never be the same and change is inevitable. The thing which disturbs are mind is caused because the perceived reality is not equal to factual reality and thus resulting in stress and then at later stage causing fear of change.

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How to Cope up with the fear of Change- 
Firstly accept the reality that life is going to change, if you think that it is going to be the same for your entire life then it is only going to cause you stress so accept the fact of Change and it will be your first step against the fear of change. 
Secondly always think of change like an upgrade, you have a life which is running on a specific pace and the change is like an update which will increase your speed so that you can better live your life
And lastly allow your mind to take its time, I know change can be very scary and you might have lost something very near or dear to you. Let your mind take its time as it is said, “The only thing which can mend a broken heart is time”, while in this case not the broken heart but a disturbed mind. Time can heal almost anything so give sometime to your mind. It is ok to freak out in the beginning stages, it is normal but with time, try and see the upsides. If you are always looking down you will never reach the sky.

Consider your life as a train, People will come sit with you and enjoy, become close to you but everyone has to get down at his own stop. No one will come with you, till the end.

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