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The New #ALSPepperChallenge Is Taking Over the Internet

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The New #ALSPepperChallenge Is Taking Over the Internet

Since it first appeared in December, both celebs and non-celebs all over social media are participating.

As for how the creative challenge came about, the family wrote on their fundraising page, “We started brainstorming ideas and Peppermint Patty turned into Pepper Patty and boom, it hit us: why don’t we eat a hot pepper and post it online? It’s an unforgettable experience just like the Ice Bucket Challenge and it’s fun (shout out to our favorite show Hot Ones for inspiration).”

The money raised will be donated to the ALS Therapy Development Institute, a scientific organization that is working solely to develop a treatment for ALS. The Haberstroh family chose this organization because Patty strongly believed in their motto: ALS is not an incurable disease, it is an underfunded one.

For Patty, a mother, grandmother and social worker, the diagnosis has been understandably difficult. But she told People that she’s uplifted by the support from family and friends.

“The outpouring of support from friends, my kids’ friends, ALS patients and their families is bringing me tremendous joy,” she said to People.com.

Courtesy of the Haberstrohs family Classy page

She continued, “The adage to live each day fully has never rung more true to me. I’m saying to people that I’m lucky in that you often wish in a memorial service that the person who has passed away could hear the wonderful things being said about them. I am reading and seeing those things said while I’m very much here!”

If you want to participate, visit the ALS Hot Pepper Challenge fundraising page and upload your own version to social media using the hashtag #ALSHotPepperChallenge. However, it’s important to note that eating certain peppers can be extremely dangerous, especially for children. Use your own judgement and remember, you can always donate to ALS without participating in the challenge.

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