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The Magic Wardrobe!


Hey all! I have been looking forward to writing this article. This required a lot of research that asked of me to roam around in the mall all day today! And yes, I am very tired but this fashion report cannot wait any longer.

Summer has hit the scene. It is pretty evident, I mean, everywhere. We are all waiting to hit the waves- be it on the beach or in the swimming pool. We long to sip cool martinis while reading Vogue. This summer, I want to help you ladies avoid some serious fashion blunders. We all have an idea about our dream closet, yet we do impulse purchases that hamper the growth of our bank balance and stop us from buying something that we actually adore. Every season, we see certain trends going on in the fashion world. Every season, there is something new. Today, I saw a lot of new trends inspired by different themes like Hawaii, Monochrome, Laces, Sheer and so on. We have got the new print called Aztec, which is a revelation in itself. Such pretty skirts there are! One only has to look carefully and I am sure, you will end up with the dream wardrobe. A few pointers for different body types would be:

– Do not wear block at the middle, if that is your worst part.

– Horizontal stripes make us appear fatter than we are.

– Vertical stripes give an illusion of being taller.

– Not all prints are pretty. Choose the one that suits your frame.

– Hour Glass Body type, choose a dress that flatters your waist.

The shops are full of different type of clothes. Denim jeans, floral jeans, palazzos, harems, maxi skirts, short skirts, jumpsuits, different kinds of blouses, lace dresses, skater type dresses and so on. Literally, the sky is the limit. The quality of make up products has also vastly improved. So, here are 3 things that HAVE to be in your wardrobe this summer! Please buy something that suits your body type, your skin tone and something that flatters your personality. Do NOT go overboard or try too hard. Understated looks, with a hint of glamor, are really in.

1) Maxi Skirts, Maxi Dresses

These are really feminine. These come in so many colors and prints. They look really cute as well. In this scorching heat, they protect our legsĀ  from the direct sun rays and help us prevent tanning. A maxi skirt can be easily paired with a crop top or a normal top. Please don’t clash the colors. This is not a color coordination contest. Example: If you buy a red maxi skirt, you do not buy a red top to match. You should take something chic like a white tee with black/navy blue stripes.

2) Lace dresses, tops, shorts

Laces are so in this season! They look so delicate and easy breezy. There are uncountable types of laces in the world. You will rarely find two laces of the exact same kind. Also, they are used in different ways in different tops. Even the shorts look so adorable with lace trimmings. I would say do not buy a lace piece that is white all over. It is very difficult to keep it clean.

3) Aztec printed shorts, palazzos and skirts

For the simple reason that it is a refreshing pattern. It looks chic and young. It lends to your outfit a certain brightness that it requires. Find patterns that reflect your personality. Do not try to be something that you are not. The second half of your outfit should be plain. It gives a better impact.

Otherwise, for the summer, we all know the drill. Fun tees, light and crisp. Keep the outfits fun and easy on the eyes. Flirt with frills and ruffles if you may. Strap on those strappy tops and short shorts and hit the beach. Sandals should be airy and light. Bright colors for the summer season are recommended. Also, keep the sweat at bay. Never leave the house without sunscreen. Your skin needs all the protection it can get. Easy chic is the way to go. Keep your head high and enjoy the sun and the summer beach. If you are traveling to the hills, do layering. Always keep your outfits cute and fun and, as we all know, a smile is the ultimate accessory to your pretty little face and to your amazing personality.

Fashion is not that difficult when we get the proper guidance. Magazines are filled with such brilliant ideas and the pictures show such clarity of variety and thought. The best way to learn the trends is to go window shopping. That way, we get an idea of what is going on in the fashion market.

I know that we all have that dream of creating a magic wardrobe that has a piece of every kind of trend. Just remember, not all looks suit a person. Experiment with different styles but never ever go overboard.

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