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The Go-To Chick Flick For A Perfect Girls – Night- In!


To all the chicks out there who love, love, love Rom-Com flicks! Movies are a part of everyone’s life. We all love to catch a new film. Though we all have different preferences regarding the genres, I think, we all find something or the other that we really like. I feel, movies help bringing two people closer. Think! Why do two people go out for a movie date? Why do friends hang out together watching movies? Why does an entire family sit together for a movie and end up getting closer as a unit? It is because movies create a common topic of discussion and act as an ice breaker in so many situations! So, what is better than a night-in with the girlfriends, watching the chick flicks you all love?! Nothing, right?? I thought so, too.

We girls bond over movies, do we not? Be it horror or comedy or romance. We cry, we laugh, we feel– all together. So, here is a list of movies that absolutely fit the concept of a fun girls night in!

1) The Devil Wears Prada

If you are not fashion and you have an undying love for Anne Hathaway. I love the movie. Nate is so adorable! The girlfriends can easily spend time adoring the guy in the movie though the movie is purely based on the actress. If you are a book worm, you can read the books as well. The series has 2 parts.

2) Confessions of a Shopaholic

I love, love, love this flick! In fact, I am watching it as I am writing this article (inspiration, much?) The story is about a female (Rebecca Bloomwood) who is addicted to shopping and how she ends the addiction and falls in love with this amazingggg guy!

3) Pitch Perfect

This is a pretty recent addition to my list of Rom Coms. I love the movie. It is based on a singing competition between a group of girls (Barden Bellas) versus the boy band (Troublemakers). The story is pretty fun! The songs used are catchy and full of life.

4) The Vow

Yes, it is an obvious addition to the list. Yes, I am a huge Channing Tatum fan. No, you cannot say a single word against him. He is soooo cute! Who would not drool over him?! Not just The Vow, but all his movies like Dear John, Ten Years and Step Up are worth watching on girls night in! They are stories filled with love. The handsome actor is enough for us to watch!

5) P.S. I Love You

Lovely flick! So touching! Love Gerard Butler in the movie. The flick is so emotional. All a girl needs with a movie is a tub of ice cream and lots of pillows. The movie is so soft and lovely. It is set in Ireland for most of the part and the scenic beauty takes my breath away! The movie is based on a book by Cecelia Ahern.

6) She’s The Man

Amanda Baynes made a lot of good chick flicks in her days. She’s The Man is one of them. Some others would be Sydney White and What a Girl Wants. The stories are light and crisp. So real and funny. (Cute guys are just another plus!) Particularly this movie is fun. Channing Tatum moments are amazing as always!

7) The Princess Dairies

Though this series is kind of kiddish, it is vert watchable and likeable! I love both the parts. This is a perfect movie for a girls night in where you all can give each other makeovers while watching the film (referring to the part where Mia is transformed into the princess that she is).

8) S.e.x and The City

I have seen the entire series and I have seen both the movies and all that I can say is that for a girls night in, the movies work! The actresses are so glamorous. For one or two time watch, the movies are pretty okay. Though not my favorite to see alone, the movies are pretty fun to watch with a bunch of girlfriends.

9) The Twilight Saga

Only for the love I have for Robert Pattinson and shirtless Taylor Lautner! Do a marathon of the entire series on a go and drool over both the leading guys while eating ice cream and cookie dough. Can there be anything better than this?

10) 27 Dresses

It is a feel good movie. Katherine Heigl does light movies mostly. By the same actress, I love The Ugly Truth and Life As We Know It. Her movies seem like they have been made just for a perfect girls night in! All the movies are fun to watch and easily ease the environment.

So, here is a list of my favorite movies for a girls’ night in. Feel free to add more movies to this list. If not Rom-Com, one can have a horror movie marathon for a girls’ night in as well!

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