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Taking Your Partner for Granted


When a boy goes down on one knee for the only one who matters to him, he promises to stand by her through thick and thin. And although the part of the girl may just be saying a ‘yes’ but it too means that she will be beside him no matter what. But are you ‘ Taking Your Partner for Granted ‘ ?

Sometimes – as some girls will agree – their guys take this no matter what a bit too seriously. Problems arise in every relationship and 99% of people know this to true. If you haven’t fought with your partner even once, you have been dating the wrong person. Unfortunately, some fights last even longer than the relationship. Yes, you are going to face problems but they are there to be solved in a relationship, not to dissolve the relationship. But still, there are some issues that are too huge to be solved.

There is no perfect relationship and if you think you have one, congratulation to the both of you as very few people as able to say that 100%.

As per the data collected from various female friends of mine (not to be confused with girlfriend) the biggest issue females of this generation have with their male partners is of being taken for granted. This is precisely when their promise of standing by them no matter what is taken a bit too seriously and more often than not, the issue ends the relationship – as personally experienced by some of those friends. This is the most common reason behind the break-ups these days because apparently, the issue is closer to girls’ hearts than even their partners are. And why won’t it be? If even after being considered the weaker sex she is strong enough to go against the world for you, who are you to give the world more importance than her?

But it is not only girls that feel this way, more about this later.

Will she really stand beside you no matter what? Honestly, no she won’t. She will gladly be there when it defies her parents’ morals or friend’s advice. But she will never be there if you indulge in habits she desperately hates; looking out for other girls even though you have her, being even a bit hesitant in mentioning her importance to your friends. Doing whatever you want to, even if she detests it just because you believe she won’t leave you. Might well be the worst mistake you make in your relationship. So, if you are doing anything to make her feel unimportant, stop it or else bear the consequences. She won’t leave you for the world, but she will leave you for her own dignity.


So, stop treating her like she is a burden you have to carry around. Because she will cry, feel sad, seek support and go through all kinds of emotions but when she has had enough, she won’t hesitate in leaving you. Remember that at all times in your relationship, her self-worth is more important to her than you. If breaking up itself is your aim behind treating her so, it’s better to do it yourself once and for all rather than force her to do so. It’s better to reveal yourself as guilty in a moment rather than in a month. The end result is going to be the same, it just saves some time. The dependable female friends also agree with it; breaking up instantly is much better than knowing you are going to break up soon.

And if this is not the case, if you want to go forward with your relationship and these mistakes are just a result of your carelessness, you need to change these habits immediately. She might already be under the impression that you want to go separate paths. If you want to stick with her, you know how to correct this impression. Whatever the problem is, making her feel special is a solution that always works. Every step you take towards it – be it the big things that convey it or the little things that matter – tells her that you want to take every step of yours with hers. Make her see that you know what it took to gain her, and hence taking her for granted can’t ever even be a possibility.

Make her feel special

The dependable female friends are good enough to point out that all boys are not the same. There may be guys that make them feel a burden but there are also those who can change it within a moment and even better, those who never make their girl feel so. Problems are bound to arise in any relationship and most couples are strong enough to sail over them easily. It’s just that this issue of taking for granted is strong enough to bother girls, make them think over the relationship. Did it happen because you wanted it to or just because you had the choice to? Well, if it was because you wanted it to happen, make sure it happens forever. Taking her for granted will last momentarily but taking her for earned will last an eternity.

BUT and this is a big BUT, it is not only girls who are treated and feel this way. More and more stories are heard about how the girl treats her partner the same way described above. These boys are being treated the same way but it is not talked about as much. This is because the boy doesn’t want to look bad by saying something as it may be turned around on him. Or he doesn’t feel that he will be able to start a new relationship with someone, as he may not find them. Just because you are the male the boy,  does not mean you can not be taken for granted and some won’t even see it until it is pointed out to them.

Everyone is different but at the same time ‘We are all the same’. We all feel love, hurt when something bad happens, feel sad and happy all in the same minute. We all need to treat our partners and future partners with respect and understanding. Some people are not meant to be together, some couples will compromise and some will be the perfect fit for each other.

Please don’t take your partner, family or other people for granted as it will all go wrong in the end.

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