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Take help from ‘Self help Books’


Whenever we decide to introspect ourselves, often we find plenty of areas in which we lack. Be it making friends, managing stress, or just simply cooking. Then these ‘self-help books’ comes to our rescue. Such books are written keeping in mind even the minutest detail.

You don’t have a good command over English? Are you thinking to create a website on your own? But have no clue from where you should start. Do you want to make a kitchen garden in your backyard? Are you keen to know how to put on any dress the right way? Don’t worry; all you need is a ‘self-help book’! It is true that if you will ask for any help then you will find that book for the same is already available in the market. Let it be learning a new language, topping in class, making excuses for not doing homework, how to do different hairstyles, how to keep your parents happy, how to be annoying( don’t try this one please!), make up tutorials etc. The list is endless!

It is surprising yet worth appreciating to see how this market of self help books has flourished since past several years. The reason behind this increasing popularization is wide acceptance from the people. Books having the titles like ‘101 ways to be successful’ lures people. They find them truly irresistible.

Don’t keep this misunderstanding with you that the much easier way to learn anything will be to Google it. Remember that it is not necessary that everything available on internet is going to be true. If it’s only about learning painting or doing craft then it is ok. But in situations like how to cure simple ailments at home, better you go and buy a book by a qualified doctor. Relying on books in such cases will be a much better idea.

you can do it with self help books

Learning from self help books can prove to be very economical for you as well. For example, if you wish to learn all the basics of ‘Microsoft Office’ then taking coaching for it from some professional may cause a hole in your pocket. And on the other hand an affordable book will do the same. The other side of this coin is that since they substitute teachers in our real life, a ‘professional physical touch’ is missing. Reading in isolation is alright but going out to learn something new, clearing doubts face-to-face, interacting with other people offers you a new taste of life. That is perhaps the only but biggest drawback of these books.

If you had referred to some self help books in the past then am sure that your experience must have been joyous. But if you still are unfamiliar with them then try one now! Let the book be anything that you had ever hoped for in the past. Be it ‘How to be rich’; ‘How to influence people’; ‘How to remain calm’; ’Personality plus’ etc. Results may not come out to be 100% but the little or more effect it will have on you will shape your personality in the right direction.

Books like ‘How to stop worrying and start living’ by Dale Carnegie; ‘The power of positive thinking’ by Norman Vincent Peale; ‘You can heal your life’ by Louise L Hay etc. enlighten you about life and its various phases and makes you a lot more wiser. After reading such stuff, you start judging things from a new perspective. Guys, even if you don’t feel the need of such self help books, still you should try out at least one by a good writer. Trust me, you will notice a positive difference in your thinking process. You may become more analytical and more mature too.  I often find these kinds of books a bit philosophical and can assure you that they can act as very effective tools in eliminating negativity from your lives.

best seller self help book

All those people who have a scientific temper must try various self help books especially designed according to their taste. Such books range from making simple circuits to synthesizing detergent at home! Such books which teach them how to carry scientific experiments at home are like a must have for them. These books, no doubt, contribute a lot in the making of a scientist.

People from Political Science background can look up to a number of self help books to sharpen their thinking skills. And all those CA aspirants, you need to learn a number of maths tricks to be smarter and sharper. However, no matter from which stream you area, there are plenty of books out there to fulfil your needs. Such books can give you an edge over the others. Books are like the fuel for our minds and only they can keep it going!

What are you waiting for now? Grab some books and learn new skills, sharpen the already known ones. Try to be an expert who knows how to fix-it-all. Believe me they can do wonders for you. Make you a more confident person, an effective speaker, a better friend, more mature person, a good human being, a responsible individual. In nutshell, self help books have the power to completely transform you into a new person!

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