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12 Symbols That Can Change Your Life Forever


Everywhere you go, there are signs and symbols on billboards, posters or even as tattoos on people’s neck, hands and many other parts. I love going on Tumblr sometimes, for seeing some amazing pictures of people with tattoos of inspiring symbols. Sometimes, these symbols help us in becoming greatest version of ourselves and help us in healing ourselves spiritually. A little picture is often of thousand words that only an open mind can see. Symbols work on our subconscious mind, that is why it is so powerful to know how to decode symbols. A symbol only has power only when you allow it to. Once we start creating our own vision, we become super creators. Whatever we are going through, we have to always be aware of the images in front of us. Through certain images, we are being triggered emotionally because before the words there were images. Our mind also can not think in words, it can only think in images. So, here are some ancient symbols and signs that can change your life.

1. The Pyramid

The Pyramid

We all have seen pyramid in pictures, films and videos and these are found all over the world. The symbol of pyramid represents inner vision, higher knowledge and elevation. The Third Eye. Pyramid is considered as a symbol of energy and most of the meditation techniques are directly related to pyramids. The upper part of pyramid is the way to flow energy downwards.

2. OM


This is a Sanskrit symbol and is considered as one of the strongest symbol in the whole world. This symbolizes the four stages of consciousness i.e. Sleeping, dreaming, Awake and the transcendental state. It is a very important Hindu religion sound that is also used in many meditation audios because it touches the heart directly. This symbol is also considered as life changing.

3. The Flower of Life


This symbol shows how we all are connected and depicts that we all came from a very similar place. It contains 13 informational systems and each one of them explains another aspect of reality.

4. Swastika


This is the ancient symbol found in Egypt, China, India and many other countries. It is a symbol of eternity and good luck. It was used by Hitler for his own propaganda so it just shows you how symbols can be changed from something positive to something negative.

5. The Spiral

The Spiral

It shows how we are going round and round and we are the galaxies we see in the sky. This comes from the Tibetan tradition and depicts the endless possibilities describing the origins of our beautiful universe.

6. The pentagram

The pentagram

It is an Egyptian symbol for the underground rumor hieroglyph which means the sacred carving. It is really beautiful and divine. It is of shape like a starfish and looks very attractive. When we cut the apple open we can see the pentagram. Many people think that it is a negative symbol and some even think that it is a symbol of the witches but this symbol actually is a symbol of life in its truest form.

7. The Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horse

This is an ancient Egyptian symbol of Royal power and good luck. It is better known as “the Eye of Ra” and looks like the letter “R” just a little bit. This is considered as the symbol of hope and happiness. Some people believe that this symbol depicts misfortune but it is nothing more than a hoax. This is a very important ancient symbol.

8. Infinity


Of course, it has to be infinity because this ancient Indian and Tibetan symbol represents the Unity between the masculine and the feminine and the two becoming one. It is the symbol of the forever life. The infinity loop. No beginning and no end.

9. The Mandala

manda mandala

This is a Hindu term of circle and it is used to help in raising the consciousness. It is believed that just staring at it can do wonders because it is actually a sacred geometry. This symbol is also considered as the inner power raiser because its design is so catchy that you will just drown into its majesty and realize your true power.

10. The Hand of Fatima

The Hand of Fatima

It is also called Hamsa and it is mostly seen in the Muslim religion. It is a symbol to ward off evil spirits. Once again we see the eye in it so this eye keeps reappearing in the ancient symbols. Hamsa is believed to be the symbol of clearing one’s soul and purify his evils and misdeeds. So, surely this one is truly a strong symbol.

11. Ankh


This one simply is one of the most used symbols of the world and it is a symbol of eternal life, rebirth and the power of the life-giving sun. It shows us how we are nothing without each other and we all exist within each other.

12. Caduceus


We all have seen symbols like this at many places, for example, hospitals. It is a rod with snakes around it and it has wings too. This was carried by Hermes, the Greek God of Bahamas. It shows the two serpents which are the representation of the male and the female energy. It is also a symbol of hidden knowledge, the supernatural equilibrium and represents Egyptian god of medicine. It is used as a symbol of medicines throughout the world.

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