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Be Stylish This Monsoon!


Its pouring cats and dogs. You have to brave all the slush and the puddles and reach your colleges and offices on time, ignoring the muddy water splashed all over you by the vehicles on the road. You reach your destination trying to look as dignified and fashionable as possible, but the rains kinda took it away from you, didn’t it? Your carefully made-up hair looks damp and boring, your makeup is running down your face leaving you looking like a badger and your clothes are clinging to your body as if you’ve just emerged from the bath tub. Certainly not a very pleasant sight.

But who says monsoons always have to be so fashionably depressing? If you have the patience and the right attitude, you can sass up the rains and beat the season by looking so stylish that the Rain God looks down and says, “Damn, there’s no bringing her down!” You can look presentable and even turn a few heads along the way if you really make a little effort. Here’s how you can enhance your image for the oncoming monsoons.


  1. Short and sweet 

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Since there’s too much mud and water on the road for you to be comfortable in full length denims or pants, go for shorts, skirts and capris. Quirky patterns and bright colors make a wonderful combination for the fashion conscious! Full sleeves, flowy dresses and sarees are definitely out. If your office has a formal dress code, wear kurtis with leggings that take little time to dry, so that there’s no uncomfortable feeling, or wear ankle length formal pants if you want a western look. Opt for short sleeves or sleeveless tops to give yourself a trendy look. Avoid flimsy fabrics such as crushed cotton or transparent tops, as they look disastrous when they get wet.


  1. Tress and locks

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A monsoon haircut is one that is easy to maintain and looks stylish at the same time. Frizzy and sticky hair is what comes with the rains because of the humidity. Regular shampooing and conditioning is a must. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo each time it gets wet, to keep your scalp clean. As for the perfect hairdo, a funky, collar-length haircut such as the bob cut or an even shorter one such as the pixie cut goes well with the sporty monsoon clothing. For women with long hair, bangs and fringes are out, as they give a horrendous look once they become wet and frizzy.  Pull up your hair into a slipknot with a few locks here and there to give the messy-yet-formal-yet-casual look. Or you can accessorize with hairpins or broad bands that risk minimal hair fall.


  1. The shoe story

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Footwear is the most difficult part of monsoon fashion. You want to look good, but you want to do so in a way that doesn’t take too much of your money in buying new pairs of shoes each time the previous one gets ruined because of the rains. Invent in a pair of good quality plastic sandals or shoes, as all-season shoes don’t last for long in the rain. Boots look fabulous with western wear, especially if a generic color like black or navy blue. There’s also a wide range of monsoon footwear from brands like Puma, Reebok, Sparx, etc. Floaters do have the problems of taking a long time to dry and exuding a weird stink, but they look great with capris, denims and shorts. Avoid sneakers and leather footwear.


  1. Coats and umbrellas 

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Needless to say, umbrellas and raincoats are an absolute must. If you want a girly look, go for floral or transparent umbrellas in round or square shapes. Raincoats are actually a thing of the past now. If you want to make a fashion statement, get yourself a trench coat. Preferably either in nude or really dark colors. Completely transparent raincoats are also in vogue, as they look good with anything under the sun. If you use a two-wheeler, avoid umbrellas altogether and use full length coats or the ones that come with a skirt along with the coat. Trench coats with a broad belt are the best option for people with a slight waist and heavy-bottomed bodies. Go ahead and experiment with these rain-trench coats this season, especially the matte translucent ones that compliment your curves and establish your style.


  1. Make up drama!

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Makeup in the monsoons is a complete headache. You might end up with streaky cheeks, dark circles around your eyes and blotchy lipstick. So opt for a minimalistic look this season. Use waterproof makeup only, and avoid any type of powder-based makeup products as they melt away easily. Stay away from liquid eyeliners and use eye pencils instead, maybe in a dark blue or grey color for a smoky-eyed look. Color your lips in nude lipsticks or light tinted lip balms, as heavily colored lips give out a vibe of being desperate, unless you’re in a party, of course and avoid lip gloss for the season. Do not use too much of blush either. For girls who love eye makeup, Lakme Eyeconic Kajal is an absolute life saver!


  1. Bags and accessories

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We can’t leave our houses without a bag or a tote or a purse. There’s always the fear of wetting out smartphones or laptops or books. Do not use leather-based bags, as they do not go well with the rain. Bags with waterproof fabrics such as nylon are the best option. Lug a bright-colored, patterned bag for the perfect monsoon look.  As for accessories, go for long neckpieces instead or collar ones as they give an itchy feeling around the neck once wet. Otherwise there’s always scarves and stoles. Stash one away in your purse so that even if your clothes are completely wet, you can wrap the scarf around yourself and save the day. Ans always, always, use a waterproof watch.


Fashion should not be a burden in any season and should be fuss-free. Your look should echo the mood of the season which is essentially romantic and joy-filled. A few fashion blunders won’t matter as long as you’re comfortable enough to carry it away. So go on, enjoy the rains and be fashionable all the way!

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