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Stop. Look. Move.


The world moves at a fast pace. Going through the day in a metro city is like fighting a war. The sun rises in one side and sets in other and in between all that, you barely get time to breath. If you take a break, you are left behind and for a long time to follow, all you do is chase it. Within this hustle bustle there are many small things that you do every day without even recognizing them, many important decisions that you make within a matter of minutes and many future plans that you handle simultaneously. What you can’t do however, help making mistakes.

While running along there are also many troubles you face and in the spur of events, you end up avoiding rather than solving them only for them to get back at you some time later in form of an even bigger issue. Eventually they are dealt with but what we don’t even come close to realize is that they are not as much as troubles as sins of our past. In this busy life we are bound to make some mistakes without even realizing them and that’s what these troubles are, the consequences of mistakes we made. Now, it does not matter whether they were big mistakes or small, what matters is that they could be avoided. How? A simple three step solution: Stop. Look. Move.

In this life that urges you to move faster no matter how fast you are already moving, it is important to learn how to slow things down a bit. Like in the movies when right in middle of an important sequence everything goes into slow motion for a few seconds, that’s what we need to look for – obviously not with the physical conditions but within the mind. You should know how to slow things down, when to slow things down and for how long. Each of these matter equally and if we want to avoid the careless mistakes that we make on a regular basis, this knowledge will come in handy.

Slow Down

How to slow things down? Though you are a part of world where slowing down may cost you too much but on the lesser known side, not slowing down may cost you as well. And you regret it even more when you find out it isn’t a hard thing to do. There are just a few things you need to convince your mind about. One, yes the world is in hurry but stopping for a moment in it will not be falling behind but taking your time. You take time to reorganize your thoughts, what you are doing and what you intend to do further on. This is what you need to do when you slow down. Two, always know that it’s for the better. If you work non-stop, you will only lead. But if you work perfectly, you’ll be the leader.

When to slow things down? You move fast to match life’s pace so there is every chance when the time to slow down comes, you might not even see it and before the blink of an eye, you are already past it. So it’s better to know when to expect such moments. They come every time you make an important decision. Rather than staying in a hurry and choosing the one that seems to be right, it is better to take some time, ponder over each choice and then make the decision. Others may mind it a bit but thankfully, they won’t regret it. You might have spent some precious time but know that you saved yourself some painful trouble.


For how long shall we slow things down? Slowing down for less than required time will not be fruitful at all while slowing down for too long will just make you fall behind and then you will be a part of that chase again. There is a moment when you resume your pace and it comes sometime after you have made the decision, when an indicator as to whether you made the right choice or not arrives. On the first sign that you are heading in the right direction you can resume your pace and be sure of the way to head. And if it turns out to be wrong, well you haven’t moved much ahead! How long is it going to take to go back and change it over!

Is it better to just go on relentlessly while others pursue you or is it better to let someone else lead while you follow with something more perfect? The choice is one’s own and the difference is simple. If you want to go on you just need to move. If you want to be better you need to stop, look and then move. Life is fast because everybody moves fast fearing others may go ahead, no one even takes the mistakes into account. But the truth is this world prefers the best, not the first. In the age when slowing down may sound dumb, it is the thing to do. Whether or not you do it is up to you, because you are the one to take precautions and you are the one to face consequences as well.

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