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Still in Love? Get your Facts Right


So are you someone who believes who is pretty much in love but at a few odd occasions you end up wondering whether your relationship is over or not? This is a common phenomenon in the present generation. People get infatuated very easily and end up believing that they are in love. They confess their love to each other and after a certain period of time they start wondering they are still in love or not. Not a very big crime, one would suggest; as it is a very common issue these days. People do doubt their relationships at some stage in their life. So the point to ponder about is how can a person come to know whether their relationship is over? Like every other story, there are answers to this as well.


Signs that tell you that your relationship is as good as dead!

Not we, just me!

This is the foremost change that you observe. Just ask yourself whether you are thinking about both or just yourself. When you are in love, you tend to think everything taking your partner into consideration. You never let your decisions affect your partner by any means. You make every effort to keep your love life intact and in the process, you become a selfless sage. But the moment, you start thinking about only yourself and not bothering how things would affect your partner; you better break up as it is probably the end of your fairy tale.

Those little things…

When you are in love, you love every single action of your lover. Even if he/she tickles you when you are working on an important project, you feel loved. And these little actions make you feel awestruck about your lover. But times do change. The same tickle turns out to be an irritating touch and you erupt on your lover and end up messing up things. This is how things begin to end.

Get attracted to other people

Love is one such feeling that makes you believe that the one you love is the prettiest of all and the best one could ever imagine about. Your lover is like a poet’s imaginary spontaneous flow of art. But when you start getting attracted to other people despite of being in a relationship, it is a clear cut indicator which tells you that your love for your partner has diminished and is on the verge of probable extinction from your heart. Getting attracted to other people is a sign of an unhealthy relationship. So instead of cheating on your partner, you better get over him/her.

You get busy

When you are in love, you have all the time in the world for your lover. You can skip your most important meeting for your lover and wait hours and hours at a coffee shop smiling like a standup comedian. But the moment you feel reading a newspaper is more important than going out with your love, it’s time to hang up your relationship. Even the pettiest of issues occupy your time and you simply don’t feel like spending any time with your lover. You have issues with almost everything that your lover does as you feel that it is a hurdle in your busy schedule.

Fights…lots of them!

When your relationship is on the verge of a break up, you always have fights over petty issues. In fact at times, you look for reasons to fight with your lover. Even if your lover does not reply to your text message quickly, you tend to doubt your lover’s innocence and start bombarding questions and objecting their loyalty towards you. Had you been in love, would you have ever thought of doubting your partner’s loyalty? The answer is probably not.

No interest

You become very self centered when you are running out of your relationship. Everything that your partner does either to make you happy or revive your breaking relationship means nothing to you. You end up showing no interest in what they do. It is not something that you do by choice. It is something that happens naturally as the feeling of love that you had is no longer the same. Being in true love, one would show interest in the smallest of activity that his/her partner would do. Everything would have been so blissful and not like the case when everything becomes irritating.

Doubting your own feelings

The last and probably the most important sign of a dying relationship is that you start doubting your own feelings. Remember the time when it was your heart that made you bend down on your knees for your lover. The feelings made you feel so special and encouraged you to do special things for your partner and make them the happiest person in the world. But the moment you start doubting your own feelings; you start wondering whether you really love the person you are with, that is the very first sign of you falling out of love. Had you been seriously in love, you would have never ever questioned your own feelings. But now that you are doing the unfathomable thing of questioning your own feelings, you are surely no longer in love. Your love is probably over then and there itself.


It is never a prudent call to hold on to a relationship which has a shaky base. If you have your issues and questions in mind, sit alone, try to introspect and take the call right away. Sometimes thinking too much for too long messes things up.


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