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Staying Beautiful : Elements of Glow


Beauty is not looks alone – it is holistic as it encompasses both physical and mental attributes. The well being of people is largely dependent on fitness levels both physiologically and psychologically. The constant struggle to cope with enormous stress in life takes toll on one’s appearance. Stress is the number one killer and is writ large on one’s face making one prone to untimely aging.

Following are some tips to staying beautiful – inside and outside; the elements of ever lasting glow :

  1. Eat Well

Elements of glow 1

A good diet is a nutritional lifestyle that promotes good health and the crucial part of healthy eating is a balanced diet. According to this point, healthy eating or eating well means eating a variety of foods that give you the nutrients you need to maintain your health, feel good, and have energy. These nutrients include protein, carbohydrates, fat, water, vitamins, and minerals, since, nutrition is important for everyone.

  1. Sleep

Elements of glow 2

The habit of good sleeping is very important for your health. If you did not sleep well at last night so stress will be seen on your face. So, bad sleeping is not good. If you slept well at night so you feel fresh throughout the day, thus making you feel happier and making you glow from the inner positivity and calmness.

  1. Drink Lots Of Water

young woman drinking with waterglass

The effect of water is immediate, say overnight. your skin not only glows but you also feel a lot better after having a glass of water. The skin feels moist with the increase in energy levels. It also doesn’t create any false feeling of hunger if we have proper intake of water. Hence, no overeating. Also, it flushes out Toxins and unwanted substances and gets rid of dark circles from under your eyes.

  1. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

Elements of glow 4

Exercise and different types of yoga plays an important part in keeping your skin healthy and glowing. Yoga provides freedom from constipation and helps in removal of the toxins from the body. It helps to provide natural glow to the skin.

  1. Meditate

Elements of glow 5

The more you meditate, the more you radiate. Meditation helps bring the inner self under the blanket of calmness which leads to thoughts and actions that are more sorted, resolved. With such clarity inside, it is nothing but obvious that the outer side will radiate automatically.

  1. Tend to your hair, skin and nails.

Elements of glow 6

If you look good, you feel good and if you feel good, you are happy and if you are happy, you obviously are glowing with all that inner and outer radiance! Tending to your hair, having a proper cut and well maintained tresses along with manicured, prim and proper nails only add up to the personality and hence add up to boost the confidence of an individual undoubtedly to a great extent.

  1. Breathe Consciously

Elements of glow 6 7

As they say, keys to various bigger things offer lie underneath little ones, similarly, breathing, such a small unit if measured indifferently and yet so important. A lot depends on our rate of breathing – our nervous system, respondance and calmness, peace of mind.

  1. Laugh Often

Elements of glow 7

Laughter helps to outwardly reflect the inner glow of good health, happiness and joy. It reduces stress levels and stimulates the production of endorphins, natural opiates known for their relaxing effects. If being silly can lessen stress and cause one to relax, then why not be silly and laugh off all worries and immortalize age? Laughter has the ability to enhance and extend beauty from within to beauty outside!

  1. Pamper Yourself

Young black woman relaxing on grass

Many of us have so many responsibilities in life that we forget to take care of ourselves.  A massage, soak in the tub or other forms of pampering revitalize you inside and out. And taking time out to treat your body like the temple it is has many benefits!

      10. Don’t worry

Elements of glow 10

Worrying is feeling uneasy or being overly concerned about a situation or problem. With excessive worrying, your mind and body go into overdrive as you constantly focus on “what might happen.” When you get stressed out, your body produces higher levels of a stress hormone which leads to an increase in your body’s production of oil. Too much oil can cause acne, even in people who don’t usually break out. So, don’t worry to avoid inviting more reasons to worry, eh?

        11. Don’t Judge

Judging people means that you pass a value judgment on what others think or do or say, of which judgment implies making a decision whether something is right or wrong. This in turns only complicates everything; you try to compare everything as per your beliefs thus, forgetting that everyone is entitled to their own choice. To have a stress free and happy life, one must avoid judging other people.

          12. Slow Down

“There is more to life than increasing its speed.” Said Gandhi. Its all beauty to notice the small things, to count your blessings and keep perspective, to not compare and find joy and to live in the moment.

           13. Pay Attention

Elements of glow 13

Paying attention is a huge point on the ladder of being and living in the present. To address the people around you, to keep your focus on everything around, paying attention to all the goodness, its all in the good feels. Its all just the good feels that bring out that glow on your face. Happiness inside-out.

             14. Be Kind

This doesn’t need much explanation, does it? 🙂

Elements of glow 14


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