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How to Stay Motivated and Reach Your Goal!



In life we always set goals for ourselves but somewhere during the process of achieving them, we falter and lose our motivation to keep moving ahead. With each mistake, it starts becoming really difficult to look ahead and keep moving towards the end point. So, how do we keep our spirits high and keep the momentum going? Here are a few tips to keep you motivated as you reach for your goals.

  1. Be an optimist

It is easy being a pessimist and expecting the worst from something. And many times it does pay off, since when you expect the worst, when something good happens, it is a pleasant surprise. But studies have shown that being an optimist is good for your health. The story does not end here. Optimists are more successful in reaching their goals too. This is because unlike pessimists they have not thought of failing ad thus have not made peace with it. So when they do fail, they get up and try again. Pessimists on the other hand, say ‘Yeah, I expected that.” and desert their goals. Another thing that pessimist do is define what they do not want instead of defining what they want. This keeps the goal a blurry object obscured by things that it should not be instead of clear lines telling it what it should be.

  1. Stop being fearful

Fear keeps you away from motivation and gives you unnecessary stress. So what if your goal is a big and you currently aren’t too equipped with the tools to get ahead. So what if you fail. You have to conquer the fear of failing. You have to conquer the fear of the unknown and get on with your lives. Living in fear does not allow you take risks and often keeps you from doing great things. For example, you aim to make a girl yours but the fear of being rejected keeps you from going up to her and asking her out. Like Schrodinger’s cat, there is a fifty percent chance that she will say yes and a fifty percent chance that her answer will be no. But you can’t know before you open the box. But you do have a fifty percent chance of achieving your goal, so those are good odds to achieving your goal. If only you aren’t too fearful to go ahead with your plans.

  1. Stop thinking about other people and their opinions

Your goals are meant for you. Do not let the opinions provided by others deter you from your goals. More often than not, their own ambition is intermingled with their opinions. So, a person laughing at you for wanting to be the class representative might himself want to be one. Do take advice from other people, but do not be swayed by one person or group of people for the same reason that I outlined above. Take in all kinds of advice and what you feel is best for you. Don’t do things just to please others. For example, you want to score full marks in the test tomorrow but your friends want to get sloshed that night and would hate it if you did not join them. Of course you would want to make your friends happy. But you do not always have to do things for their happiness. You can leave this wish and focus on your goal instead.

  1. Clearly define your goal

Clearly outline what you want to achieve at a certain point. For example, you want to get an A grade in this subject. To get to this goal you need to give at least one hour to this subject throughout the term. If you observe closely, I have quantified my goal. I have not simply stated that I want to do well in this subject by studying regularly for it. Instead, I have mentioned the grade I expect and what kind of time investment I want to make. You may not give an hour everyday or even give two hours in one day, but quantifying your goal will give you a clear impression of what you want how you can get it. You can also assess whether you achieved your goal by judging your final grade. Clearly defined goals help us to manoeuvre through them easily. They show us a definite path so that we are not lost midway.

  1. Define an achievable goal

Apart from defining your goal, it is essential that your goal is within reach or slightly out of reach. Defining goals that are way out reach can be exasperating. You will keep working towards these goals and never achieve them. This will keep you stressed out and unable to reach your goals. Therefore, you will find yourself constantly unmotivated and depressed. Taking the example of getting the top grade in a class, if you define this as your goal in the beginning of the semester, it is achievable. Although, if you set this after you have failed the mid terms and it is not possible to garner enough marks for the top grade, it will be frustrating. You will end up overworking yourself. Finally, when you do not achieve that goal, you will be worse off. Moreover, seeing how hard the goal is you will want to discard it much before you reach the finish line.

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