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Stay Healthy, Detoxify your Body.


When your immunity starts going weaker, you become a victim of constipation, headache seems a common thing, skin problems refuse to go away, upset stomach and nausea seems like frequent visitors then guys listen carefully! Your body is asking for a detox program. Detoxification in simple terms is nothing but internal cleansing of our body so that all the waste substances or toxins can be properly eliminated. As external cleansing is an important part of our daily routine, so should be internal cleansing. The only difference is that the effects of latter are not so clearly visible unless the situation becomes a bit unstable. Even still if you want answer this body need then the consequences can be really harmful.

The main point is you don’t need a detoxification only when you are encountering some problems, you need one on a regular basis as well.

Now you are wondering why? Then guys, not always we eat to live; sometimes we just live to eat! Life has become so hectic these days and as a result our diet has become too improper. Because we always fail to control our diet at some step or the other, hence we ought to detoxify our body once in a week at least in order to not to let any waste material accumulate in our body. Elimination of waste material is of utmost importance for a healthy living. If we won’t flush out our system on a regular basis then we are bound to fall ill because our metabolism won’t be able to function smoothly. Existence of toxins poses a very serious threat to our internal organs.

Talking about internal organs in this context we can’t overlook ‘Liver’. When a dietician lay out a diet chart for a patient, the foremost thing he/she keeps in mind is liver. Liver plays the biggest role among all the internal organs in the detoxification process. Although the contribution of other organs is also significant but the primarily role is exhibited by liver. The function of liver is not just limited to synthesizing and secreting bile; it filters toxins and neutralizes all the harmful products. These compounds and are then transported to kidneys from where they are eliminated.


Ok, so now you have decided that you are going for this, but the question arises, how?  To detoxify our body, often we follow the wrong path. Liquid diet is one of the best ways to detox your body. But how long should we follow this in one go? In order to completely rejuvenate themselves, many people go on a liquid only diet for several consecutive days. Yes, this diet is good but following it for several days is an equally bad idea. No diet should be done by starving oneself, no matter for what purpose you are following that. There are certain dos and don’ts of this diet as well, which should be carefully taken care of. It can show its magic quite well if you will follow it once in a week. One entire day per week you should not intake any food so that your body can effectively remove the accumulated waste and toxins of several previous days with the aid of healthy liquids.

But this term ‘liquid only diet’ certainly doesn’t mean that you can enjoy carbonated drinks, coffee, alcohol etc. One should strictly adhere to healthy drinks like water, coconut water, fresh juices, lemonade, whey, buttermilk etc. But if surviving an entire day on only liquids is not your cup of tea, then you should have plenty of fruits too. If any diet makes your stomach pain due to hunger then you are not doing anything beneficial for you. While undergoing detoxification it is also mandatory to intake nutrients which support the natural detoxification process. However in case you are going through some serious health issues then it is advisable to undergo a proper detox program planned especially per your need and requirements by an experienced dietician.

There are certain foods to which you should say bye-bye to detox your body. Sweeteners, fried foods, processed foods, Gluten containing foods, Coffee and Caffeinated beverages, Wheat products (pasta/bread), several dairy products and eggs. You should rather satisfy yourself with fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, beans and legumes etc.

diet for body detoxification

However, eating senselessly and limitlessly the entire week cannot be compensated by not eating anything on one day. One should try to reduce the intake of sugar, alcohol, fried and processed foods on a regular basis as well. And suppose you set Wednesday as your day for this diet, then try to avoid junk food on Tuesday for optimum health.

Circulatory system plays a significant role in the detoxification process. Poor circulation of body fluids can have drastic consequences on detoxification and immune system. Hence, in order to keep blood flowing properly, one must exercise regularly. Toxins are mobilized in our body, they travel through blood to various organs and finally gets eliminated in the form of urine, stool and sweat. If this process won’t take place smoothly then it will get really difficult to get rid of these toxins. Thus, do more physical workout to sweat more. Drink a lot of fluids and remember improving digestion is directly related to the better metabolism and hence faster and easier elimination of toxins.

In nutshell, by controlling yourself just once in a week, you can insure the safety of your health on a long term basis. So, now you got the secret Mantra, get working!

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