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Stay fit: Include Proteins in Your Diet


Proteins are the macro nutrients that are very essential for our body growth and development. Proteins are the building blocks of our body. Deficiency of protein in our day to day diet could cause severe problems but the most prominent among them is weakness. It might sound like a minor problem, but it is a fatal one. Unless you are fit as a fiddle you can’t match up with the stamina of others and are bound to lag behind in every race of life. So how do get these proteins in your everyday diet? What are the easily available food sources that could get you high protein content? Here is the list of protein rich foods:

Protein Rich Foods


Think of proteins and the very first food item that comes to the mind is egg. Eggs are a rich source of protein and they give you the most ideal dosage of protein in your balanced diet. An egg white consists of about 6 gram of protein which is highest among all protein rich foods. Consuming 4 eggs a day could give you 24 grams of protein which fulfills your daily requirement. Most of the gym professionals believe in taking raw eggs after their workout to meet their body’s protein requirement. Eggs have the potential of replacing the most active health supplement powders and are the best natural sources of protein.


Nuts, Peas, Beans and Sprouts

Nuts and sprouts give your body a good dose of protein. For those who are strictly vegans, nuts and sprouts are the ideal replacements for eggs. Although they are not as rich in proteins as the eggs are, they do have considerable amount of proteins in them. Soya bean sprouts have 13 % of protein content and about 125 calories. Beans on the other hand have 12 percent proteins and 148 calories. Almonds have about 6 grams of protein in every ounce which is quite handy if you want to bulk up in a good manner. Kidney beans have about 15 grams of protein in every cup. Unlike the other protein sources, nuts and beans have no cholesterol which makes them even healthier.


Every cup of milk that you drink has about 9 grams of protein which is a good source of protein in your daily diet. If you go for fat free or skimmed milk, your milk becomes healthier as it becomes fat free and all that your body gets is some good proteins. Yoghurt made from milk is another good source to bank upon. Cheese also has about 12 grams of protein every half cup of your consumption. But they come with fats, thus is avoided most of the times.


Every 100 gram of tofu ensures you of 48 grams of protein. Tofu is rich in proteins and unsaturated fats which are good for health. An addition of 24 grams of unsaturated fats gives you a healthy snack burst. Consuming tofu after your everyday workout will help you recover from your training much faster. But the only problem with tofu is its taste. But you can still manage with it and take tofu with your soup.


Chicken Breast

It is needless to explain again that meat and chicken are very rich sources of proteins. Chicken breasts have high protein content which can be approximately about 33 gram of proteins in every 100 gram. It is also low in saturated fats which facilitate the working action of the proteins. You can eat chicken by roasting it or simply frying it or a chicken soup in the evenings could b ideal for your daily protein requirements. The proteins present in chicken breast gives your body a handy 298 calories which is really sufficient to make you fit and healthy.

Whey proteins

Coming to the protein supplements that are available in the market, whey proteins are always the most preferred ones. This protein powder is absolutely healthy for your body unless your body in intolerant or allergic to protein isolates. So before you consume protein supplements, it is always advisable to consult your health doctor and physician. But when you are consuming whey proteins, you should make sure that you are exercising as well. If you don’t exercise, these proteins get wasted. You should consume proteins before and after your fitness drills and workouts for optimum results. For the people who are intolerant towards the lactic acid, they should buy whey protein isolates which are also available in the market and are equally effective as the whey proteins.

Soy Proteins

Consuming soy seeds are a great source of protein. In fact, even if you eat a fist full of soya chunks, you could get a good 20 gram of protein does. In addition to this, there are also soy protein supplements available in the market. These are similar to the whey protein powders. It has about 80 grams of protein content in every 100 gram serving and above 320 calories. It is low in fat content and is highly effective source of proteins. Its richness in iron content helps you thrive longer in your workout sessions and the protein content manages your protein levels and helps your muscles to grow.

Proteins should never be avoided in the diet. These are one of the most important nutrients that everyone should take. No wonder why they are called the building blocks of the body.


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