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The starting of 8 new IITs


The Indian Institute of Technology more commonly referred to as the IITs are some of the most known engineering colleges in India. Started way long back, these institutes are located in the various cities of India like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi etc. The IITs recruit students after their 12th then offer them courses in engineering like Electronics, Computer Science, Chemical, Mechanical and Civil. The IITs also offer some of the beat courses like mining, production and paper pulp engineering. The major IITs present today include the top 5 IITs which are located in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Kanpur and Kharagpur. The engineering from these institutes is considered to be the best and the most prestigious education is an engineering centered country like India. The best jobs and packages are offered to IITians and the students of these institutions take great pride in claiming themselves to IITians.

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To enter into an IIT is a prestige by itself. Lakhs of aspirants try every year after their 10th work hard for nearly two years after which they are required to appear for an IIT mains exam which is given by another 12-14 lakh students across the country. The exam is considered to one of the tough exams and is equivalent to the AIEEE which was prevalent earlier. After this, only 75,000 students qualify for the next exam which is now referred to as the IIT JEE advanced which is equivalent to the earlier IITJEE exam. This is one of the toughest exams that are present these days and the passing percentage is as low as 1%. The exam is considered to be so tough that some people start preparing for it from standard 8 onwards. They spend nearly 5 years preparing for it and if it does not go well in the first try, people even take a drop for a year to reappear for this exam. After the exam, once the marks are out, people fill in their preferences for the courses they desire to take and fill a combined form for all the IITs. Most people feel that it is the IITs who produce the best and smartest students and graduates in India. This is equivalent to claiming that it is the filter cloth that produces good tea. The point that most people do not notice is that the competition for entering the IITs is so high that only the best and the smartest afford to qualify through it. The exam is really stressful and no matter who many sample papers you would have solved or practiced, the scenario inside the exam hall is very different as the stakes are very high and even one wrong answer is enough to shatter your dreams completely. Hence, only the smartest, hard-working and the deserving qualify this examination. After they graduate too, these students are really hard working and hence are needed by organizations and companies which lead to excellent placements in these institutes. In fact, days have changed so much that people are simply craving to have the IIT tag attached to their name. It doesn’t matter what course they have done or the place from which they have done it, the name alone matters a lot and is enough to provide them with a bright future. Owing to this, a few new IITs were started in the period between 2008 and 2012 by the Indian government. These IITs were started at locations like Mandi, Gandhinagar and others.

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Although, these institutions have provided more opportunity to students craving to get into the IITs, they have led to the dilution of the IIT brand name. Students less deserving than the ones who get into the main and the existing IITs also have started claiming the IIT tag as they enter the newly made IITs which hold much lesser credit and pride attached to it as the hard work needed to enter them is quite minimal and not even comparable to the core IITs. Moreover, students have been criticizing the facilities provided to them as these colleges do not even possess proper campuses and infrastructure. They make students stay in apartments and are not provided with basic campus facilities like a library, sports grounds, gyms etc. This is an insult not just to the institution and the IITs, but also to the students who have been working hard for quite a few years to achieve this and this was certainly not what they wanted to achieve.

To add to this, the government has now passed the resolution to construct and start another 8 IITS.This has led to a lot of resentment amongst the students and the IITians. Firstly, the new institutions are diluting the brand name of the institutions more and more. The IITs at the center which include the top 5 are prestigious and hold sanctity to the students. Also, the government has taken no or negligible effort to improve the conditions of the IITs started before 2012 and is aiming to start more IITs. This is disbelief as the government should have first concentrated on those. The students still continue torevolt and guide the government along this, while the government seems to have other plans.

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