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How to Start Reading


If you aren’t into reading, there is a high chance that you won’t bother to read through this article as well. But if somehow it’s only the over hundred pages novels that scare you and not single page stuff, you can go on because this is where you are going to learn how to face novels. The biggest step is to start reading. Seeing a bundle of pages and the thought of going through each and every word of them is scary but believe me or ask any avid reader, there is no better entertainment than books. So how do we start?

The first novel is the most important; you develop a habit as the number increases. But it is not going to be easy because completing a book requires patience and that is the most common problem beginners face, giving up in the middle. However, an interesting book that can manage to keep you hooked does the trick. And there are plenty of interesting books out there! But there is again an issue. Not every genre suits every person, which means that a guy into thriller would give up in between of even the best romance novel. So the first step to learn how to read is to recognize your genre. How?


Maybe not everybody reads books, but everyone surely watches movies. And that’s where you find your genre from! Which movies interest you the most? Is it romance, thriller, crime or some other? Whatever it is that you love watching the most, is what you will love reading the most. Hence once you are set on the genre you want to go forward with, all you need is an interesting book. Following are some brilliant authors associated with their particular genre, any of whose works will form the perfect beginning to your reading career.

Romance is a genre commonly associated with females because they are better able to understand human emotions. Hence Nicholas Sparks would be the perfect choice to let loose your tear duct and fall in love with reading. Some people may say Stephenie Meyer, the author of Twilight Saga but in my personal opinion, I would go with Nicholas Sparks. Some of the notable works of author include A Walk to Remember and The Notebook, both of which have been made into highly appreciated movies. Spark’s strength lies in conveying human emotions. He is able to express them flawlessly, go through even the tiniest of details and yet manage to keep the reader hooked on. In total, if romance is what you look for, Nicholas Sparks is where you will find it.

Nicholas Sparks

The best thriller writer of the current time will be Dan Brown. He has successfully made his presence felt within the world with a writing career as small as six books. Some of the notable works of author include The Da Vinci code and Angels and Demons, both of which have been made into movies. Though Brown is often criticized for his excessive detailing and exaggeration and even the size of his books is enough to induce fear in a beginner but the audiences love him. That’s because in middle of all that exaggeration, Brown manages to create a story that when once settles in keeps the reader guessing till the end. And if that was not enough, he is gifted enough to put in some unexpected twists and change the course of story within a few pages. Maybe not the all-time best thriller writer but Dan Brown is surely someone not worth missing.

When it comes to crime fiction, no one owns it better than Sir Arthur Canon Doyle does. Anybody not aware of his character – the consulting detective living in 221B, Baker Street who goes by the name of Sherlock Holmes – is just living in the age of dark. Sir Arthur made the detective, his roommate John Watson and his nemesis James Moriarty so popular that it is not even worth mentioning the notable works, Sherlock Holmes movies and television series are still in the making. Canon Doyle uses the very best ingredients for his stories. He creates an incredible plot, a mysterious culprit and then has the detective solve it with such ingenious methods that you can’t help being impressed. Sir Arthur Canon Doyle in every sense of crime fiction is a true master of the art.

Sir Arthur Canon Doyle

Apart from these, there are some other fictions as well like science fiction and action. Though not massively popular, they have no dearth of content in them. George R.R. Martin is an incredible action writer, the author of famous Game of Thrones. Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov add another level to the science fiction while Anita Desai is a master at portraying the real life situations of common man.

Once you set your feet in the land of reading, there is no looking back. There are paperback editions, eBooks and now devices like Kindle, made exclusively for reading books are becoming popular; testifying how popular the reading habit is in the current world. There is not much to do if you too want to be the part of that crowd. Just pick up a book and remember, it’s never too late to start reading.

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