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Defining the term ‘Spirituality’ is not an easy feat even for the theologists, let alone the normal and ordinary ‘humans’. According to Waaijman, the traditional meaning of spirituality is a process of re-formation which “aims to recover the original shape of man, the image of God. Or in a simple and vague term we can say that it is something far from ordinariness and worthy of veneration”.

Spirituality is always juxtaposed with religion. But we should be aware of the fact that there is a vast difference between the religion and the spirituality. Religion is something which has a rigid structure and certain dogmas to follow, which a person can accomplish by relying on community and society around him. On the other hand, spirituality is totally in the stark contrast of this. In this there is innumerable chance of exploration and the person is motivated in it in his solitude and recluse state. In fact, we can say that spirituality has an appetite and the curiosities which Religion always proscribed. Unlike religion, spirituality has sense of individualism and the person achieve it without following any particular sets of rules or regulations. Religion helps people by guiding them whereas spirituality helps people by freeing them. We can sense the real meaning of spirituality when we are more attached to our soul rather than to idols or the dogmatic principles of religion. We are free here to thing to par extent and to experiment with our own ideas and opinions.

Nevertheless we should be well aware with the fact that if spirituality has given the humans a road for experimentation at the same time it has also created a deep and long fear for them. Fear, in the sense that if they indulges in the dark side of spirituality then it would be totally difficult for them to get over with it. It would be a matter of concern if the humans would start thinking about themselves as a centre of universe rather than the reflection of divine sphere or body. No doubt, there is no dawn without darkness but it can’t be denied too that if the darkness prevails for longer time then it causes serious and heavy destruction too. The very first day humans evolve onto this Earth, they had a curiosity to know about their own evolution, their future and their past too even before they born (to know about the things of their past life). And with these lots of questions they tried each and every moment to resolve and have a perfect answers to them. Religion always set a certain barricade in which we are not allowed to barge in but spirituality has some aspects which can give answers to the queries which the religion condemned once. The elusive secrets to life which humans always wanted to know can be found within the realms of spirituality.


Now if we want to have the sense of spirituality in ourselves then we should also know about both the facets of it which affect our lives directly or indirectly. We have used and misused both the sides of it at different level. On the daily basis we are be fooled on the name of spirituality. Lets start with the discussion of the “Gurus” who are influencing a large crowd with their promises of taking us to the highest form of spirituality. And we very easily forfeit the words of God just to be near to God. Isn’t it ironic in sense? With this scenario we can say that some spiritual Gurus promise spirituality by subverting the very definition of spirituality itself. The 1970s and 80s saw the very rise of such ‘messengers’ not only in India which is known as’ land of religion and spirituality’ but also in other west countries following’ Yoga and Meditation’. This Gurus’ thing is no doubt one of the darkest sides of spirituality but it is also something which is created by us only, which is man made for earning their livelihood and monetary profit but what about the real dark side of spirituality which we transcend just for the sake of knowledge which is prohibited for the human beings. Leaving India too, if we talk about the western civilization also then we can see that there are various writings too of Renaissance period which talk about how subversion through transgression causes a lot of chaos and upheaval in humans life. For reference, ‘Doctor Faustus’, a Renaissance play written by a renaissance writer- Christopher Marlowe tells about how an overreached ambition and thirst of knowledge forces the protagonist towards the eternal damnation. Let alone West, if we now talk about our own country, the we can find that the practice of necromancy i.e., black magic is something which is still practised and causes incorrigible disruption in status quo.


So, what I wanted to discuss in this piece of work of mine is that we all know the bright side of spirituality and use it also for our own life and its conveniences but don’t we need to be aware of the just next face of it i.e., the DARK SIDE of spirituality which can also affect our lives to a large extent if not handled properly.

There are some aspects of spirituality which are better if untold and disclosed.


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