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Spice Up Your Food With Ginger


It is one of the food items that have been known for its diverse functions. It can be used as a food material, you can add ginger to your salad, a morning tea with ginger in not a bad idea either, and lastly one can use ginger for medicinal purposes. Ever since the ages, ginger has always been fancied by people for these diverse uses. It is a native is southern China and it was from there that this food item was spread across the globe commercially. It is used as a food preservative at many places and is also used to make spices. The uses and benefits of ginger are many. It is tipped to be very healthy for humans and the health benefits of ginger are mentioned below.


Health Benefits of Ginger

Cures Respiratory Disorders

Ginger has a strong aroma and flavor. The allergies pertaining to respiratory system are cured by the antihistamine properties of ginger. The combination of ginger and fenugreek is often advised by the doctors to take if you are suffering from asthma. Ginger juice is a very effective drink for your health. Whenever you have a sore throat or you are down with cough and cold, a spoon of ginger and honey is all that you need for instant relief.

A stronger immune system

Researchers have found out that ginger can effectively boost up your immune system. It has many properties like being an antioxidant, anti allergic, antihistamine, anti emetic, anti inflammatory and analgesic properties. Ever thought that all of this could come under one roof called ginger? These properties come in handy when it comes to strengthening you internally and bolstering your immune system.

No stomach issues!

Ginger helps you get your morning correct. You don’t wake up with stomach ache or any other digestive problems. It has the properties of a coolant. It keeps your stomach cool and helps in good digestion. It facilitates the assimilation and absorption of food when you have had a large meal. Moreover, it facilitates the absorption of nutrients which make your ordinary food look so nutritious. In addition to this, ginger also helps you to stay away from stomach ulcers. It accelerate the absorption of mucus and thus preventing these stomach ulcers.

Don’t feel hungry? Try ginger!

It is also known for increasing the appetite. So all those people who are suffering from loss of appetite, there one stop solution is taking ginger. Even ginger tea would do but make sure you do consume ginger. It bolsters your digestive system and the digestive juices present in your body. This results in increase of appetite.

Reduces Menstrual Pain and Battles Cancer

Ginger has been directly linked with menstrual cycles in females. Consumption of ginger helps in reducing the menstrual pain, many researchers have found out. Doctors advise women to take ginger at the start of their menstrual cycle which would help in reduction of menstrual pain. In addition to this, itbattles carcinogenic agents and is known to prevent ovarian cancer in females. It is known to induce cell death in the cancer cells of ovarian cancer patients.

Fights Cancer

Apoptosis or the biological process of cell deaths is facilitated by ginger. It has a very high level of anti oxidants in it. This helps in prevention of deadly diseases like cancer.

Ginger with peppermint

No more headaches!

There have always been talks of consuming food items in order to relieve headaches. Some people prefer taking medicines instead for this purpose. It has a very unique property in it. Whenever you have a headache, you can drink ginger juice or a cup of ginger tea. But if you are not very fond of the taste of ginger, you can also apply it externally. Many ayurvedic practices have shown that application of ginger paste on the forehead works well to reduce the headaches and gives instant relief to the head. It inhibits prostaglandin synthesis which reduces the inflammation in the head. Many doctors advise you to apply ginger paste in case of migraines.

No more dizziness

Whenever you feel sick and dizzy, you can bank on ginger. Chew a bit of ginger to get your senses back on track. It is very effective against nausea and dizziness. Ginger with honey can make you feel fresh and alive again.

No cramps!

Whenever you are down with cramps after a heavy loaded work out, you can munch on ginger or simply take a bit of ginger juice. It would make you feel better in very short interval of time. The anti inflammatory property of ginger works against the cramps and gives relief instantly.

Good Blood Circulation

Ginger is an effective tool to freshen up your circulatory system. It works on the blood vessels and rejuvenates them to make your blood circulation perfect again. The antioxidant properties of gingers help in widening of blood vessels and the arteries which results in good blood circulation in the body. The presence of chromium, magnesium and zinc help in better blood flow and thus helping this cause.

No Motion Sickness

It is known for relieving motion sickness. The reason for this still remains unfathomable but the studies and research have shown that people consuming ginger had lesser motion sickness compared to others.


To summarize, one can easily say that ginger can indeed help you lead a happy and healthy well being. So why not spice up your tea with a bit of ginger?

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