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Is Society at fault or is it our fault?


Thin, fat, short, tall, white, black, colored etc. are some of the adjectives which have been in use for a long time and will be in use for the time to come. Some of the adjectives that we use to describe people are racial insults, whether we realize or not and yet we continue to use them. Like it was mentioned earlier most of these adjectives which we use to describe people hurt them and are against the law and when these words hurt people we start to blame the society for the kind of image it has formed for that group of people.


These adjectives form groups of people, like Colored people, Blacks, whites etc. and with these group the ‘society’ tends to attach certain ideas. Even the idea of beauty according to most of the people is someone who is thin; the simple adjective fat makes the person to whom it is attributed to ugly. The ideas which are formed are hurtful and we tend to blame the society for it.

But if one looks carefully into it, one realizes that society comprises of all of us and it runs only due to the ideas, visions and views of the people living together. So society basically is coming together of people and the whole world consists of many different types of societies. If one had to define society it would be defined as: “A Human society is a group of people involved in persistent interpersonal relationships, or a large social grouping sharing the same geographical or social territory, typically subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectations.”

If the views and the ideas held by the people of the society bother or hurt someone, it is not right to blame the society as society consists of people like you and me, it’s the people who are to be blamed not the society. The society takes the twists and turns that we want it to take, we shape it the way we want it to be. So blaming the society for everything that goes wrong is not correct, it is us that have gone wrong and we should take responsibility for it and work on it. The way of changing the society is to change ourselves first, because society consists of people like us and it won’t change till we ourselves bring about the change in ourselves.


As every day goes by more and more gruesome news comes up, there are rapes, murders, thefts happening every second and terrorism is on rise. Rapes don’t happen because of the society, it happens because of the way people think. Not everyone in the society think alike. It is very unlikely for two people to have same sort of thoughts. Of course, everyone differs but what is right is right and nothing can change it. But what is going wrong is that people are taking the wrong to be the new right, maybe due to ignorance or lack of education or faulty reasoning. Such people also shape the views of other people and make them believe that the wrong that they are doing is justified. One extremely good example would be the statements made by the politicians of the rapes that have took place, like Asaram Babu said that ‘She should have plead to her rapists and should have asked for mercy and should have called them her brother and then she would not have been raped’. People like Asaram Babu are very well known amongst the people and his views molds the views of less learned or ignorant people.

The dark place where the society has reached now, where there is no good is because of the increase in the ignorance of the people. But why the sudden increase in ignorance, one may ask? It’s maybe because people are too lazy to re-discover themselves or are too caught up in their work.  But with time this level of ignorance keeps rising and it starts hurting people more than it should. The consequences it has are not as good as one would expect it to be and this civilization is towards its downfall. Like Gandhi himself said in his book Hind Swaraj that ‘Modern Civilization is Godless’. The way the thoughts and the actions of people are turning out to be Gandhi’s words turn out to be more than true. This Civilization is killing people without really killing their bodies.

But the question that arises next is what can one do to get out of this and change themselves? The perfect and the simplest answer to it would be that one should read as often as one can and reflect on their actions and thoughts. Just take some time out of yourself. One person can change the whole wretched society that we blame for everything that goes bad. It is us who makes it what it is. So ‘Be the Change you want to see’. We are all responsible to bring about the change, we all might be single people but we can change the society if we all stand together,as good always triumphs.

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