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Small things that make your personality better


There is teenage and there is adulthood. And then, there is the twenties-phase. The early twenties are undoubtedly the best period in one’s life. It is in this time period that one literally drives like anything, is legally allowed to drink, completes one’s graduation/post graduation and other degrees and sets the tone for future. Studies show that the chances of meeting your life partner are te highest in your twenties. It seems fair as one socialises the most in this age and meets new and interesting people. What one does in early twenties defines the person’s whole life to a large extent. It is in this period that the career graph is set out rolling and mostly, the love life and lifelong friends are made. All this makes the early twenties not just the most fun part of our lives but also the phase in which we are required to be most responsible. Thereby, one needs to take control of one’s life in this period in order to be in the driving seat of the life car. Below are listed some of the things that you must do in your early twenties:

1. Wake Up Early

wake up early

The habits that you develop in your twenties, stay with you for your lifetime. It is no brainer that good habits build up a good character and a good character takes you places in life and serves you well. Now, this might sound like a moral education lesson you used to get in school, but deep down, we all know that most of the boring things are good, if treated in a right manner. One of those habits would be getting up early. Nobody is asking you to get up at 5 AM sharp and go for jogging. However, this is great if you could do so. You should at least get up by 9 AM. This is not too early and not too late. It is just the most appropriate time to get up as even if you sleep at 1 AM, you would still get a full eight hour long sleep. As you get up early, you would realise that you would have so much extra time to spend that you will be amazed at your improved work efficiency. By getting up early, you will realise that mornings are so beautiful and what all have you been missing, lately. The chirping birds, clear sky, beautiful Sun, all such pleasures of nature need to cherished by us, humans. In the morning, you can come across the most awe-inspiring side of nature which had hitherto been hidden from your eyesight. So, wait no more. Go and greet the mornings!

2. Read the Newspaper

reading newspaper

If you still have not developed the habit of raeding the newspaper daily, then it is high time that you start doing it now. You have your world around you and it matters the most to you. No newspaper covers anything about your life or your friends’ lives but that does not mean that you would just not give a damn ti what is happening around the world. People very conveniently put up an argument thatwe are not losing anything by not reading the newspaper and that it is of no use to us. But, little do they realise that they are losing out on a whole chunk of tehir personality which if retained, could shape them into sound and intellectual beings. Reading a newspaper makes you worldly wise and it just takes ten to fifteen minutes to read it. You do not have to learn the news by heart. Reading a newspaper obviously helps you in improving your vocabulary and developing your writing skills, too. Now, if by simply reading a newspaper, you can earn so much then why not do it!

3. Give Interviews


Early twenties is the period when you get to know where your career is heading towards. It is in this period that you complete your studies and most probably, get a job. This is the period when you do internships which give you experience, a learning platform, a way of testing your interests and skills as well as provides you with money. Giving interviews for jobs and internships helps one in analysing one’s own abilities and flaws. In this age, people mess up their interviews really bad and it is only then that they learn how not to mess up the interview with their dream company. As a person takes your interview, he/she analyses your educational qualifications as well as your mental and emotional faculties. By preparing for stock interview questions like where od you see yourself ten years down the line and what are your weaknesses, you end up thinking deep about your life and future. Giving interviews thus gives you a chance to take a halt and analyse yourself. This is a great way of moulding yourself into a nice personality and you should utilise it to the fullest.

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