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Sleep Cycle. Mission: Reboot



We all know, that sleeping is a necessity, even though without fully knowing the reason for it. Even scientist are not completely sure, some say that sleep allows our body, a chance to regain our energy from the day’s activities, while it actually just saves around 50 k Cal after sleeping for every eight hours. Shocking, right?

Rather, we sleep to maintain the normal levels of cognitive skills such as, memory, speech, thinking, perception, creativity, language use and so on. Well, our main concern of this article is not the reason for sleeping, it is about the times when we desperately want to sleep and can’t. Lack of adequate sleep can severely affect our health and learning process. Interesting health benefits of sleep:

⦁  Sleeping can help improve you memory and strengthening skills which you learned while you were awake. Therefore, sleeping before an exam is a must, even though how much we convince ourselves that pulling an all-nighter will be a good plan.

⦁  Studies have found that insufficient sleep can lead to serious heath problems, like heart diseases, obesity and diabetes. So, sleeping at least eight hours a day, can keep diseases at bay.

⦁  Some studies have even found that your sleep habits can also affect your life span. If one sleeps better, they certainly live better.

⦁  It is not called a ‘beauty sleep’ for nothing. It is your way to better skin and hair and who doesn’t wants that.

⦁  Getting a good night sleep, wakes up the inner creative person in you. True, our brain appears to be more organized and restructured after getting proper sleep, which may help spur the creative process.

So you see, sleeping can benefit you in so many ways. Then what happens if you have a messed up sleep cycle and at the first place, what messes it up? There can be many reasons for it. Sometimes, going with little or no sleep becomes a necessity. Be it cramming up the night before exams, or partying every night during the vacations.

What do you do when you have to go back to your normal routine? You just can’t order your body to go back to its old sleeping cycle, right. It then results in uncountable tossing and turning in the bed and being uncomfortable for the night, dreading about the next day. It can get really difficult getting your sleep cycle under order.


Here are some tips, to get your adamant sleep cycle under control:

1. Moving slowly and steadily towards it. It is always said, prevention is better than cure. This saying can be applied to our sleep cycle as well. If you already aware about an event or schedule, which requires you to change your sleeping time, you can do it through planning a few days in advance. You could slowly change your sleeping time by shifting it one hour before or later each day, as required and you won’t have to deal with a massive sleep cycle shift. This will help ease your body towards your new waking time, without torturing it.

2. Establish a routine and stick to it. Next step will be, establishing a sleeping and waking up routine and do this every single day, seven days a week. Even straying from your schedule at weekends mess-up your routine. Also, try to maintain a routine for every task of the day, such as a morning walk, taking bath, etc.

3. DO.NOT.NAP. Yes, taking naps during the day, affect your sleep at night. Try refraining from napping, even though you feel tired. If necessary, try taking a small nap for 15-20 minutes to refresh yourselves. Long naps will keep you up when you are actually trying to sleep, and that will mess-up your sleep schedule even more than it already is.


4. Tire your body. If you are unable to sleep even after lying on bed for more than fifteen minutes, just do not keep tossing in your bed. Willing your brain to sleep or counting sheep won’t help. Get up and tire your body to sleep. Do small, uninteresting chores in which you have absolutely no or little interest and then try sleeping again. These can include washing dishes or studying your least favorite subject and everybody knows, there is nothing else that induces sleep as fast as studying.


5. Get a timely start. It seems the most obvious solution and the most difficult one. Determine your desired waking up time and will yourself to wake up at the same time everyday. It is really important in maintaining your sleeping schedule. It also makes sure that you are tired enough at night to sleep early.

6. Rise and shine, through wake-up-light. If you find waking up early at your desired time really difficult, expose yourself to bright light right after waking up. Go out for a walk in the early morning light or just spend a few minutes in your balcony to condition your body and mind to wake up properly.


7. Avoid eating too close to sleeping-time. It seems the most repeated solution to a good sleep and heath, but really how many of us do follow it? Probably, just a few. This is one rule which you really can’t ignore for a numerous reasons. It can lead to weight gain, heartburn, insomnia and it can even increase your chances of a heart stroke. So, the best solution is to refrain eating just before your bedtime and try to have lighter meals at night. Also, things like caffeine and alcohol are a compete NO before bed.


8. Professional knows the best. If everything fails, and you are unsure about the reason for your wrecked up sleep cycle, you should consider consulting your doctor for help. Insomnia is fast becoming a common thing today and there is nothing good about sleep disorders and they need to be taken care of as early as possible to lead to stress-free and healthy life because ” A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.”

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