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When Skin Care Meets Hair Care


  The various ingredients which are found in the skin care products like the ceramide, collagen, stem cells and the antioxidants are also now seen in the hair products as well? So what you think do they really work good on hair as well?

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        In the need for the healthy and shinning long thick hair a number of new products are being launched in the market on a regular basis. It is found that the contents which are in the hair products are normally also associated with skin care. The collagen, ceramide, hyaluronic acid, stems cells etc all have been proof themselves to be benefited for the pumping up of your skin, reducing the dark circles also lightening the dark spots mostly found on cheeks and keep the skin healthy and glowing.

        However now a day’s these elements are also found in the hair care products such as the various shampoos and the conditioners. The biggest question is does that really works well to make your long hair shinning and smooth as well? As the research says, the copper peptides works effectively for the skin regeneration and it is treated the important ingredient in the skin products and as per the research and the research shows that the copper peptides will do wonders for the scalp too and will help the scalp to produce the thicker as well as healthier hair which every person needs.

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The ceramide can be also effective for your hair as it will be creating a protective coating around your hair shaft and make it strong enough. While the collagen will also help your hair by providing them moisturizing which will make the hair look thick and fuller. The antioxidants helps and are said to be acting as the neutralizing to free the radicals preventing the cause of the dullness and the locking your hair from growth through the split ends.

      As the research and many of the dermatologists say that the scalp is similar to the skin in many aspects as the ingredients which are used on skin can also used on scalp as well. The scalp is covered with thicker skin that is similar to the rest of our body. It’s the thick layer of the skin which has many of the sebaceous glands present in it which intake and also produce oil and the sebum to protect your hair finely. Even the stem cells works as the hair follicles they contain cells that are also helping to you lead for getting the success in treating the baldness. While the collagen is the protein element that is found in our own body and that is very much important for the good health also. That’s the various supplements which makes your hair grow strong and long with the period. That helps you also to increase the body’s natural hair building proteins and including that if the same is applied to your scalp it will help you reduce dryness and the grey hair.

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What actually you see when you are in a shop to buy your hair products? If you randomly pick up hair products because of its popularity or you are attracted towards that advertisements or packing of the product. Then you are wrong. When you are buying the product you should always keep in mind your scalps condition , your hair types as in straight, curly etc and as well as the thickness of your hair. Then accordingly choose your products this will help you, choose correct hair product for yourself.

You should be very careful and remember that your skin is very tender and it always requires the mild products to cleanse and clear the dirtiness and impurities of your skin. On the other side you require the same mild products for your hair as well. Hence the shampoos and the conditioners must be mild enough to clean dirt, impurities, dandruff and all that which is loaded into your scalp. Always remember to opt for the natural ingredients for your skin and hair both as that will help your skin to feel better and breathe well. As if your skin is good you will automatically feel good.

 Though the stem cells and anti oxidants works well for your health and skin. It is also normally present to use in the injections as in the regular treatment for boosting your hair growth.  The serums which we apply for the getting a shine on hair is done with help of the plant cells which also results in getting rid of the hair loss which is the biggest problem of the people.

      While the antioxidants they are very much important for hair care especially when your hair is colored that means your hair will have hell lot of chemicals of the colors. So the antioxidants will help you protect it well. Also they are very prone to reduce the damage of your hair happen due to sun.

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Though whatever you use to make your hair look good and shinning but always respect your skin. Treat what exactly your scalp is in need off in return you will get the best results for your hair.

                    “Gorgeous hair is the best revenge”

–        Ivana Trump

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