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How a Single Yoga Posture can Alter your Life


Thankfully, after going to a school which taught yoga as an important subject for all, i have learnt a few basic techniques which are not only good for physical help but are also equally good for mental health and stability. As a stereotype attached to yoga, people feel that it is an art of exercise only for the old who are ready to meditate as they have nothing else to do. But these stereotypes are heart breaking for a yoga enthusiast like me, and guess what? I am not old. I am not even idle in my life. But I still love doing yoga each morning.

Yoga is just a mild form of fitness which is equally rewarding for the old as well as the young generation. Senior citizens can adopt yoga and practise meditation for mental health and fitness, which indeed helps them to live longer. Yoga, which an ancient art created in India, has a long history attached to it. Even the India mythology shows how Gods used to meditate to connect with the outer world. Thus, this is a tried and tested form of exercise which has completely no side effects attached to it unlike gymming which when done in excess can wreck havoc to the human body. As for yoga, there is no such limitation. It will only help you to connect better with yourself.

Even for the younger generations, yoga is a type of exercise which they can practice anytime, anywhere without concerning much about the time. Even five minutes of yoga session each day can alter your life for better.

It`s time now to change the stigmas attached with yoga and break free from them. We must embrace our very own art of fitness and meditation.

An already busy morning when you are running around for your clothes and your day`s essentials don`t forget to spare out just five minutes to do this easy yet affective yoga asan for amazing health results. All you need is to kick-start your day with one simple move – TADASANA.

26 May 2014 (5)


1. Stand straight on the floor. Make sure that your legs, waist and neck should be in a straight line. Stand still on an even ground and make sure your posture is correct. No bending or slouching is allowed. Your weight should be equally spread on your feet.

2. Now inhale a deep breath. While inhaling raise both your hands in the upward direction. Both the palms should be facing the sky.

3. Try and hold your breath for a minimum of ten seconds. Slowly lift your heels up shifting all your body weight on just your toes. Stretch your body in the upward direction as much as you can. Hold this posture for as long as you can. Make sure that your body`s posture is straight. No bending.

4. While exhaling slowly bring your heels to the ground and then gradually bring your hands down, to the original starting position.

5. Repeat this asana for 4-5 times. Try to hold on to this position for as long as you can for better results.


  1. Whenever we take up any physical exercise it is always advised to do it in the morning. When we get up in the morning we are fresh and thus have a higher level of energy. By starting our fitness regime in the start of the day we are jumpstarting our metabolism and keep it soaring throughout the day which means that we burn more calories throughout the rest of the day.It is very important to start your day with some exercise so that you have enough energy to run through the day and keep your metabolism running as well.Tadasana is one such asana which the best way to kick-start a busy day. It doesn`t even take up so much of your precious time. Five minutes in the morning and you are good to go. A few minutes is all it takes to get a healthy body and a fresh mind now.Who would miss out on this opportunity?
    Not me at least.
  2. While doing tadasana you are putting all your body weight on your toes and focusing on making a straight body posture. This helps in managing the body weight in a balanced way. As the main focus lies on standing straight this asana helps to strengthen the spinal cord. it`s undoubtedly the best move in the morning to keep your back straight after seven hours of sleep involving various curves and painful movements, which are all cause of a bad mattress.In order to strengthen your back this is one powerful move to keep you set. This removes back problems, aches and discomfort.Not only this, but it also aims at eliminating cervical and neck pain.
  3. It is the best form of exercise for growing children. Few minutes each day can help them increase their height. This asana is even advised by doctors to the children who want to get taller.Children of 9-19 years can adopt this asana and witness the change in their heights.
    Fascinating right?

26 May 2014 (4)

This asana is not going to let you down. Practise this each morning by shelling out five minutes out of your busy schedule to see a renewed you.

What`s more?

This doesn`t even require to spend anything. Easy, effective, cheap!

Get started from tomorrow morning.


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