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Single and loving it!


Lets kick start this article with Natasha Bedingfield. Her track “Single” defines why being single is not as underrated as it seems in life-

I’m not waiting around for a man to save me
(Cos I’m happy where I am)
Don’t depend on a guy to validate me
(No no)
I don’t need to be anyone’s baby
(Is that so hard to understand?)
No I don’t need another half to make me whole

Here are 10 points which will make you happy about being single-


1)    You don’t need anybody`s approval

I have seen many people who change their ways to suit their partner`s preferences. If you are single you no longer have to hear, “Baby, I don’t like your haircut”, “You look good in open hair” (Yeah sure, you be the Shahrukh Khan of Main Hoon Na  in this sweltering heat), “Pink doesn`t suits you.”Your wardrobe, hairstyle, length of beard is decided by you!


2)    Being single is pocket friendly

Expensive gifts, earlier exchanged on every anniversary, now lie in shops awaiting couples. Your wallet is never empty. Your credit card bills are short. Being in a relationship means every other day is special. God save you from “the first time anniversary”- first time we met, first time we kissed, first time you said the three magical words. These days deserve gifts and if there are no gifts, all hell breaks loose.


3)    Simple mobile phone plans

Put all your worries about phone bills to rest. There are no early morning messages or late night calls. You won`t have to check the latest Vodafone plans to see V2V call free, free message charges, free data charges etc. If you have postpaid, you don’t have to worry about the bills getting into your parent`s hand. Who knows the bill might have just one phone number!


4)    Just one time table to check

If you are free and feel like going out, you no longer have to check for the availability of your partner. No need to message constantly asking about his current place and schedule. There is just one time table to check-your own!


5)    Don`t worry about what day it is!

You won`t be bombarded with questions like- “what day is it today?” (Your mind starts running- her birthday, my birthday, anniversary?) , You don`t remember what it is today? (Lame excuse- I knew the date, I just didn`t know that date is today`s date!). How can you forget? (You don`t love me anymore).

6)    Know yourself better

Being single gives you a lot of “I TIME”. You can spend it wisely wondering about yourself- your future plans, your life, your career. College gives the desired turn to your career. It is the time where you will realize what you really want to do. You have time to introspect and decide which way to steer your life.


Single and loving it
Single and loving it

7)    No breakups

No relationship means no breakup to deal with. No curses are exchanged, no broken heart to mend and no crying. Breakups are hard to deal with; they mess up your mind and take away all the focus. They are the worst in situations when you start blaming yourself. You are left pondering on unanswered questions- why it happened, who is responsible, will we get back besides others.

8)    Less mood swings

Your mood swings are no longer a result of your partner`s actions. You are happy, sad, disappointed, irritated because of your own actions. You suddenly feel more free and independent. There is no other person who decides how you feel today!


9)    Suddenly you are more social

Yes, it’s a fact rarely accepted. Having a partner sometimes isolates you from your friend circle. You have to divide your time for both of them and one of them gets left out. If you are single your life no longer revolves around just one person. You have a life out of- “You are my life and I am yours.”


10) There is no 10 pointer

If you are single, then be happy. Stop searching the internet for reasons to stay happy when you are single. Enjoy the life as it is and with who so ever is beside you at the moment. I do admit February is a month that passes by slowly for singles and in a minute for couples. But that should not throw you into the gloomy mode. Life is short to spend it all without knowing your true self. It is done better when you are single.

Being single in college is underrated. College is an important stage in one`s life. Getting to know our own self is the best part.  If you are not in a relationship, luckily, you don`t have to deal with the baggage that comes with it. Your life revolves around you. Your day is not dependent on the whims and fancies of your partner. You do as you like, say what you want, meet who you like and hang out with all your guy friends without worrying about any jealousy!

  So get out and enjoy your life. Put on your headphones, ignore the “In love couples” and live your life.

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