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Simplest Nail Care Tips


As much as a breath-taking dress and a gorgeous hairdo are important to create a mesmerizing look for you, our nails too have come a long way to being an ultimate fashion statement. No longer are they seen as just something you would put on a last minute nail varnish on, in fact nail art is the biggest beauty trend right now. One can find an incredible number of nail art trends and nail accessories over the internet and in market these days- nail extensions, nail piercing, beaded nail varnish and so much more. But your nails also deserve their share of care and attention to keep them healthy and of course pretty! Here are the simplest of the nail care tips that will ensure a good nail health for you. While picking out the prettiest of nail varnishes for your nails also make sure to keep these few tips in mind.

Keep them clean and dry

Ofcourse! Didn’t you already know that? Unclean nails are not just a turn off but they can also lead to serious health issues like fungal and bacterial infections. To keep them clean scrub underneath them using a nail brush or soap and water while washing hands. This will prevent bacteria and organisms from growing under your nails. And this goes for your finger as well as toe nails. Make sure to wear rubber gloves while doing household chores like washing dishes or using harsh chemicals. Also avoid keeping them soaked in a water tub for long.

Trim them regularly

nail care 1

Trimming and shaping your nails regularly is the most basic of nail care tips. Trim your hand and toe nails using a sharp manicure scissors or nail clippers. The best time to trim your nails is right after you step out of the shower. Nails are soft and pliable after a bath and can be cut easily without breaking. Use a nail filer to shape them and smoothen the edges.

If a nail starts to peel or break during the day then rub it a little against your jeans to soften the edge for the time being.

Push back the cuticles

The cuticles are a part of the skin that protects our nail matrix from damage. Never cut your cuticles and just push them back slightly with a cuticle stick. Cuticles are supposed to stay soft but they can become dry and begin to crack. However, if this happens instead of pushing them back with cuticle stick, use cuticle oil to let them heal. Put a dab of cuticle oil on them every-day after you shower and keep your cuticles well moisturized along with the nail.

Keep them moisturized

Most of us don’t pay much attention to it but our nails also need to be kept well moisturized or they get dehydrated just like our skin. Keep them moisturized by rubbing body lotion or moisturizer over them every time you apply it on your hands. This will ensure that you nails stay healthy and don’t start cracking or become dehydrated. One can also buy nail moisturizer from market or make one for themself at home using olive oil or chamomile and lavender oils.

Wear clear polish

Nail paints and expensive manicures make our nails look great but when it comes to getting a long lasting simple look nothing can be better than a clear nail polish and one doesn’t even have to worry about chipping. A clear nail polish gives the nails a smooth and shiny look and at the same time they can also work wonders for hardening your nails. One can opt for nail hardening clear paint and using it daily can improve your nails health.

Let them breathe

nail care 2

We all die to get the costliest of manicures and pedicures but every once in a while nails should be kept polish free to let them breathe. Give your nails a day free off nail polish every week. Avoid applying new coat of nail polish without properly removing the older one. And try choosing an acetone free nail polish remover to get rid of the nail varnish on your nails.

Don’t abuse your nails

We all have the habit of putting our delicate nails to use whenever we need to open a tight lid or need a tool to pick or pry things without realizing that how much damage that can cause to our nails. Using nails as tools can cause them to break or crack.

Don’t ignore nail problems

nail care 3

Our nails reflect a lot more about our health than we think. They can provide vital clues about our overall health. Always check your nails for white spots, bulges or ridges. Then may look insignificant from outside but can be a signal of something serious going on inside your body. Look for the following signs to know about the probable health conditions and don’t hesitate to consult a doctor or a dermatologist if the signs seem to be troublesome.

White spots- Zinc deficiency

White nails- Liver diseases

Yellow and thick- Lung diseases

Yellow nails with slight blush at base- Diabetes

Half white, half pink nails- Kidney diseases

Pale or white nail beds- Anemia


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