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Simple Steps to Promote Hair Growth


Busy lifestyle tends to make one ignorant of their health and the way they are living. They tend to pick up habits which are extremely harmful for them and the things it leads to harm us in a way that it’s very hard to get back what we lost, especially when it comes to our looks. One of the most important things which stop growing back after certain time in our lives is our hair. Hair is important to anybody and whoever begs to differ is certainly in a state of denial. These days even the most young women and men start to face the problem of harmful at an extremely young age and some even during their teens. But why does it really happen and how to prevent. But the most important question of all would be how to help growth of hair? The answer to these questions is simple, but the process requires a lot of time, so one needs to be patient. There are a few simple steps to be followed religiously. Some of them are as follows:

1. Oiling:

hairoilYes, we all have a love-hate relationship with oiling our hair. When we were kids our parents and grandparents would empty the whole bottle of oil onto our hair, but we never understood its true importance during that time. Oiling can actually do wonders. It helps give length and strength to your hair. Oil your hair almost twice a week preferably with either caster or olive oil; if neither of them is available you can also use coconut oil. Try to oil your hair overnight as it’ll work faster. One hour champi is not as useful as keeping it overnight. You can even apply oil on your eyelashes and eyebrows to promote hair growth. You will see considerable difference within two weeks. Apply drops of oil on your fingertips and massage all over your scalp; make sure your whole scalp is massaged with oil.

2. Brushing:

stk64534corThe most common myth is that combing or brushing your hair promotes hair growth. Under no circumstances does it do so. Extra combing leads to more hair loss as it involves pulling of hair. As it leads to hair fall doesn’t mean one should not comb their hair at all. Combing is necessary otherwise hair will get tangled and when you would untangle them it would lead to more hair fall. So comb your hair the minimal number of times.

3. Hair styling:


Love styling your hair? Straighten or curl your hair at least twice a week? All of the styling does your hair no good, it does more harm than you can imagine. It burns your hair and makes it rougher. The best thing to do is style your hair not more than once a week. If you are a regular bun or ponytail wearer and wondering why you are losing so much hair, then you should stop right away. As making ponytails or buns involves a lot of pulling of hair and pulling of hair makes the roots of your hair looser and the chances of hair fall increases by twice the amount. If the hair is loose by its roots, it would fall at a highly alarming rate. If you are really very fond of making buns and ponytails, try to make them not less than twice a week. So one may ask how we should style our hair. The best way is to plait it. There are so many different types of plaits out there which are easy to make and makes one look really good. The plait helps your hair grow and it does not involve too much of pulling of hair. If you know how to make only one simple three stand braid and are bored of it, then there are so many others which are all over the internet which you can learn.

4. Foods:


There are a certain types of food which promote the growth of hair. Like Fish, foods which contain a lot of fatty acids, Vitamin C rich food, Iron rich food like green leafy vegetables, Eggs, Meat, Poultry, Almonds (at least 5 everyday), Carrots, Yogurts, Berries, Seeds and beans (Flax Seeds) and Shrimps. Those who have dry hay-like hair should have Prunes. Take in a lot of water as it helps cleanse your body and keep you hydrated. Omega3 is extremely important for hair growth. One should take fish oil tablet, at least one every day.

5. Washing:

organic_shampoo_conditionerWho knew that washing of your hair can also be really harmful for your hair? Do not wash your hair more than 3 times a week as it can lead to making your scalp dry and robbing it of the natural oils that the scalp produces. Try washing your hair with natural products rather than chemical shampoos, as it can lead to thinning of hair on scalp, so use natural products like eggs to wash your hair.

6. Stress:

monToo much of stress can lead to a lot of hair loss as it also causes lack of sleep. Sleep and a good lifestyle and stress-free or less-stress life are one of the most important things needed for the re-growth of hair. Stress and lack of sleep can also cause one to gain weight along with loss of hair. So exercise and get adequate amount of sleep.

7. Consult Your Doctor:

Apart from all these steps which have been given above one should consult their doctors and get tests done which have been specified by the doctor, as certain amount of deficiency can also lead to hair fall. stethoscopeb

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