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6 signs you’re a social media addict


The other my nearing 60 aunt sent me a friend request on Facebook. Well, to be honest, I wasn’t surprised because the whole world is now on Facebook and the older generation is adapting to the newest social trends and finding themselves a place in these hundreds of social media platforms. Social media is needless to say, more like a revolution. Social media has only made it easier for us to get in touch with our loved ones, total strangers and also some celebrated people we used to watch on television or at the movies. It seems unreal how the blocks between communication which proved as a hindrance before are broken. Because social media has so much to offer, a lot of us have become addicted to it and we try to conveniently brush it off because hey, the whole world is right? Doing something for fun is okay, but when it becomes the sole element that you derive fun from, it becomes an obsession. Here are 5 signs that show you’re a social media addict.

1) Your day starts with checking for any notifications

You already sleep with your phone under your pillow and when you wake up, the first thing you do in that half awake half asleep state is search for your phone and quickly log onto Facebook to check if there’s any notifications. Or you look up Instagram to see if someone’s been gracious enough to follow you and like your pictures. You might feel it is normal to check your virtual social accounts because it is now a part of your routine. But it is not a very nice things to do when you’ve got other more important things to worry about or just get up and chill with the fam, but that surely doesn’t happen when you’re an addict.


2) You Instagram the most random stuff

You’re drinking a cup of green tea and you take a picture. You upload it on Instagram with a clear caption that states you’re healthy eating and all. You go to a restaurant and take a picture of even the simplest food that arrives on your table before letting anyone ruin it with their forks and knives and Instagram it. You go to the bathroom and take a mirror selfie and Instagram it immediately specifying that you were in a bathroom 2 minutes ago. If you do all of this, then you, my friend are addicted to social media and HOW.


P.S : People who put pictures of the most random things on Instagram are annoying.

3) Multiple fail attempts at deactivation

So there are times when you’re upset over something and you feel like wiping out your social presence. You take an obvious impulsive decision and deactivate your accounts. Deactivation, not even deletion. You do pretty well for a day or two and on the third day you can’t withstand the temptation of those glorious likes and witty comments and retweets that make you feel good about yourself and BAM, you click on the re-activate button. Nice try, addict. Try to do better next time, like, deactivation for a week maybe?


4) Your relationship status is all over Facebook

“OMG, I have the best boyfriend ever!” , “Feeling low, need someone to hug 🙁 ” , “Well, some people don’t deserve the attention you give them and you realize it only much later :@ “. If you shamelessly put your relationship information, which should be your personal matter on Facebook or any such social platform, you’re such an addict. You rave about a relationship online, you cry over a heartbreak online, you play the blame game on with your ex online for the whole world to see, if you can recall of having done something like this, you’re an addict. How about keeping the info to yourself?


5) You delete pictures that don’t fetch likes

Who isn’t fond of likes? It’s safe to say, that there would soon come a time, when Facebook or Instagram would start hosting Like Battles. Whoever gets more likes, wins. Or wait, we do have such battles nowadays. The addicts host it among themselves. You expect a certain number of likes on a picture you upload and you fail to reach that number and it really disappoints you. It disappoints you to such an extent that you end up deleting that picture out of the fear of not living upto your own expectations, welcome to the club. You can have better standards of estimating your popularity though.


6) A drop in your followers makes you mad

If you secretly dream of a feature that’ll make you aware of who all had the guts to unfollow you after following you and liking your pictures, your life is limited to social media and it’s charms. Keeping a constant tab on the number of followers you have and going through your follower list repeatedly to make sure everyone’s still in there, participating in those stupid contests that promise to give you ‘shoutouts’ in order to get you more followers and feeling irritated with a dip in the number of your followers, all these are signs of serious social media addiction.


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