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Shoe Needs!


How many of you just absolutely love shopping for shoes? How many of you take shoe shopping very seriously? Well, I know that I do. Shoes are an important part of one’s attire. The can literally make or break your fashion image. No one wants a dress like Elle Saab and shoes like flip flops, do they? Well, I hope not. Not even for special occasions, but for daily wear too, give your feet some of the importance that they deserve! For the people who just stick to one shoe and just do not think that it is necessary to buy different kinds of shoes, THINK AGAIN. Buying is an investment. Remember, your clothes’ size may increase or decrease over the years but your shoe size will never change. So, why not fulfill your closet’s and your own shoe needs?

For all the women out there, trust me, you can end up buying pretty nasty shoes. You need to know what you want to buy. For every occasion, there is a dress and a shoe! For the men, well, you can be happy now! Since years, the shoes made for men were restricted to one or two styles. But, over the years, the range of selection has really gone up! I hope that both the genders find this article really informative and fun!


Here is a list of five kinds of shoes that are necessary for your wardrobe. While choosing footwear, what you should think is that will you be able to feel confident in those shoes or not. Shoes’ glamor has multiplied a lot over the years. So, this list has different kinds of shoes that, hopefully, will fit all of your shoe needs!

1) Kitten Heels

They scream efficient and attractive. Kitten heels are an absolute must if you have an interview lined up and even for that time when you actually land that job you were so excited about. Kitten heels are comfortable and also, they are sometimes considered as the classic pump. They are formal and informal enough, all at the same time! Who would say no to these?

2) Ballet flats

Well, yes, I know these are the rage all over. There is a reason for it after all. These flats look so pretty and dainty! Huge plus, they are just so versatile. It would actually be a rare moment where you will find that the person sitting next to you is wearing the same shoes as you. Ballet flats come in a huge variety. You can find leopard prints, sparkles, bows, aztec prints, stripes, flowery prints and what not! You name it and you find it. Since they are comfortable, they can even be worn all the time!

3) Sneakers

Yes, you need sneakers. You know why? Because you work out. If you do not, I suggest you start. Working out or running is not only for the fat but also for the skinny. It is healthy. So why not wear good shoes while doing it? Does it harm if you look good even when sweat is driving down your forehead? What if a handsome guy comes and asks you where you got such lovely sneakers? What if that guy is the special one? The opportunities are endless. Just be healthy and happy. Shoes are normally a big part of one’s happy state of mind, fashion wise!

4) High heels

Here, I would specifically mention nude pumps. Why you ask? Well, because you can hardly ever go wrong with nude pumps. They are classy and they look so hot! When going out with the ladies to a happening club, wear high heels and walk like a queen! Just own the place. High heels really help in feeling confident. For those who do not really wear high heels, I suggest you practice walking in them a lot before pulling a stint outside.

5) Wedges and flat sandals

Well, I would like to put these two types of shoes on the same footing. Both are comfortable and easy to walk in. Both are attractive and are definitely a rage among the crowd. Wedges and flat sandals are both ideals for the spring and summer season. You just get so much of variety in shoes these days.


1) Black Cap Toe Oxfords

These shoes define class and elegance. These work for all the important moments in your life. Be it your wedding day or your interviews or all your important meetings. These shoes work absolutely fine!

2) Casual Boots

Oh, you need to have these! Otherwise, what will you wear when you go hiking or for a walk in the woods? There is a set of shoes that you just have to own! These boots are included in that list!

3) Technical Sneakers

You need these because you run. You exercise. You like being active. If you do not do the things mentioned here, then you should start.

4) Loafers

They are light and fun. They are informal. They practically scream boyish charm!

5) Espadrilles

Because boat shoes are too mainstream. These shoes are for the hot summer days when your feet crave fresh air! They give a very relaxed and stylish vibe, at the same time.

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