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Seven Ways to Beat the Heat in Style



Are you one of those who have stopped socializing because the of the Sun’s prominent presence? Or have you let the heat take a toll on your fashion sense and given in to wearing loose t-shirts and ill-fitted shorts? Have you started sneaking out only after the Sun has set?

With the temperature reaching inhuman levels, it’s possible that you may not look forward to dressing up and getting out of your house, as much as you did earlier. But that’s no reason to hibernate. I wouldn’t suggest you go for a picnic in this weather. Oh God, NO WAYS! But yeah, you should get out and relax with your friends, or maybe spend a day at the mall.

So, while you finally decide to stop being lazy and start making plans, be absolutely sure that you dress according to the weather. You wouldn’t want to face any further discomfort and irritation because of bad choices of clothing, right?! And lucky for you, there are tonnes of ‘heat-friendly fashion statements’, so you don’t have to fear losing your style quotient.
If you are a little clueless about how to look fashionable even in these scorching summers, read on and learn how to beat the heat in style, my girlies!




Hats don’t only make you look adorable, but are a perfect way to save yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. There are different kinds of hats available and you could easily choose the one that suits you.  Even film stars have been seen wearing stylish hats this season. So, go out and grab a hat! It won’t only help you beat the heat, but it might also get you the tag of a fashion icon!



If you are in a habit of leaving your hair open always, it’s time to change that. Open hair will not only result in sweat and irritation but it might also damage your precious locks. So, instead of the open hair look, experiment with various other looks that involve up-dos or hair knots. They are not only comfortable but are also super chic and fashionable.



In these unbearable summers, it’s an absolute must to protect your little twinkling eyes from the harsh rays. And what’s the best way to do that? Sunglasses! You will be amazed by the variety of shades these days. Vintage, wayfarers, aviators, just name it and you’ll find it! You can easily choose one that suits your face cut and makes you look uber cool.



A really soft scarf is the key to beating the summer Sun. Whichever way you decide to carry it, it saves you not only from sun burns but it also adds instant style to a dull outfit. You could try an infinity scarf, or style a simple scarf in various ways.



When you think of clothes in summers you think of flowy, colourful and pleasing shades. You wouldn’t want to wear a lot of synthetic clothes as they will stick to your body and thus, make you sweat. Opt for skirts, shorts, tops and dresses that are comfortable. Have a bright wardrobe and play around with the colours. Also remember summer is not just about skin-show. However hot you feel, you need to remember protection of your skin should be your foremost priority. So, dress wisely and have an enjoyable summer!

6.Minimum Accessories


Summer is the time to play your style simple. Do not over do your look with too many accessories. Besides ruining your look, it might even cause irritation. So using small pieces of jewellery for casual outings, is the way to dress for summers.



Sunscreen is an absolute must in summers. You wouldn’t want to get tanned, or worse, have sun burns, right? Take a little time to protect your skin from damages, because if you don’t have good skin, no fashion trends will be able to make you a fashion icon. Take care of the basics first, and then worry about other things. So, never ever ever leave home without applying sun screen on you soft skin!

These were a few ways to successfully tackle the dilemma of being stylish even in this scorching heat. All you have to remember is to wear clothes suitable for this weather and keep your style simple. Fill your wardrobe with flowery patterns, soothing colours and funky styles, and you are good to go!

Never let the weather effect your fashion trends, darling! And more importantly never forget to be confident and to smile widely. These are fashion essentials that are necessary all year long, and thankfully, they have the power to instantly add spark to any kind of outfit or look.

So, it’s time to finally stop being lazy and hiding in your air conditioned rooms. Get up, get dressed and go out! Show the world how much of a fashion queen you are and tell them that weather can’t bring you down. Look your best, be confident, smile and win other’s hearts. If you dress right, you might even beat the Sun with your hotness. Wink wink.

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