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The Seven Secrets to Happiness


In this fast-paced world of knowledge, information and science, a thing which every person feels the lack of is ‘happiness’. You have millions at your own disposal, but you aren’t happy. You can buy a car every other day, but use it only to go to and fro your office. You are a scientific mastermind, but spend all your time in the laboratory. You are a walking google, and you don’t get time to review yourself. These are only some examples of the increasing needs of people regarding time and happiness.

Happiness has come to be known as a rare ‘commodity’, in today’s world. A commodity, because people think it can be bought with money and prestige. At times, this is even true, but not always. Mental health can be achieved in its highest form, if a person learns to be happy. And by happy, we mean, genuinely happy from their inner self.

However, there are a few points which can actually lead a person to happiness, no matter whether he is a billionaire, or a middle-class office going person.


7. Honesty

You might feel this is a lecture going on with the same old terms – honesty, truth etcetera, etcetera., except it is not so. By honesty, we don’t mean you being a true idealist in all walks of your life. That’s wholly up to you because not every person can be an extreme idealist. The point to be noted here is that you should try to be honest with yourself. No matter what happens, don’t ever ditch yourself, because that will harm your soul and yourself.

6. ‘I can’ & ‘I will’

Most of the people today are unhappy because they are not sure they will be able to achieve a particular aim in their life or not. This is true; you might be, you might not be. But, this is not where you stop. Even if there is doubt regarding you being able to achieve something, just go with it. You can obviously fail or succeed. But, at least you have a chance to succeed. One should always keep this motto in mind – I can & I will. The thrust of your mind has far more potential than anyone can ever think of. If this doesn’t help [thinking] write it in big letters on a sheet and paste it on the wall of your room!!

5. Measure the negative side

I know, everybody preaches about how being negative can lead you to a disastrous life. It is indeed true. But, there’s not harm in calculating and imagining the worst possible situation. Remember, don’t ever do this with your heart, rather your brain, the practical brain will help here. Imagining the worst possible situation with respect to anything you want to get would lead your brain to get you ready for any such situation. So, even if you fail once by the chance of bad luck, you will be able to gather yourself, get up and run again.

4. Shallowness and depth

These are the two ever-conflicting terms. But, in order to be happy a person needs to be both shallow and deep. This means that you need to be light-hearted as a stream and deep as an ocean. Think over your surroundings but don’t let that come amidst your happiness. What we always find in the world is either a person who is very serious with what they do or a person who is wholly bubbly and lively and doesn’t care much about what happens or not. You, on the other hand can become the person who walks the mid-way balancing both these qualities to a happier and gleeful life.

3. Fall in love with nature

Once in a while, go and live with nature. Don’t destroy it, just live with it. Live away from the skyscrapers and the concrete jungle with loads of machines and never-ending pollution. Spend some time in peace and you will be refreshed like never before. However, spending time in nature doesn’t mean you have to book a ticket straight to Switzerland or Malaysia. Rather, pack your bags and set to the countryside. It has lots to offer if you have the eyes to see. When you come back you will be happier than you ever thought you could be.

2. Plant a seed

This is one of those works, which seem to be helpful only for the environment, but is very useful for your own happiness as well. Planting a seed in the soil, watering it, nurturing it, providing it with everything it needs and watching it grow to a big shady tree, is something everyone will cherish forever. Whenever you walk by the road or in your lawn and look up to see that tree, big, huge, green and benevolent you feel that tinge of happiness in you, which converts itself into a bigger one ultimately. Do this ever month, or every year, and be even happier.

1. Love yourself and your surroundings

flying high

This is the most important part of being happy. When you love yourself genuinely, you tend to believe in yourself and the people who surround you. Your family, your friends and everyone who comes in contact with you feels happy around you. It is then, when you actually feel that you are worthy of many things in life. You get happier and spread happiness in your life. This even makes easier for you to get over small hindrances in your life, because you know that you can pass them without getting hurt.

So begin today, and fly high!

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