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Sense of Sarcasm


Sense of Sarcasm. Everything is temporary, only change is constant. This change is something always required by the world, and although it may be more evident in the virtual world. With new and better versions of televisions, cell phones and android releasing every now and then, it is present in our real world too. The clearest example being the evolution, the changes in living organisms over centuries to adapt themselves better to the environment. Plant evolution is another example. But do these changes appear only in shapes and sizes or in daily habits as well? Does change show itself in our habits, as in we used to do something one way earlier but now do it differently? This article discusses precisely one such habit.

Those familiar with American sitcoms would be familiar with the show Friends. One of the best comedy series ever produced. And there wouldn’t be a single person familiar with it, who hasn’t found Chandler Bing tremendous (watch the series to know just how tremendous!). It is needless to say that humour wasn’t the key ingredient behind Chandler’s jokes, it was sarcasm. And that’s the habit that almost all of us have started adopting, without even knowing it and hence giving way to another evolution. While earlier people used to create laughter with sense of humour, they do so with sense of sarcasm now.

Chandler Sarcasm

This sense of sarcasm wasn’t something non-existent back then, people just relied more on their humor and less on sarcasm. However during the recent times it is becoming the preferred mode of creating laughter. So what is this sense of sarcasm? Okay, as everybody already knows, sarcasm is an ironical taunt. That is, it’s opposing someone by mockery. And sense of sarcasm? It is contradicting some common sense statement with a bizarre response and thus creating laughter by insulting the other person involved. The more bizarre the response is, the better it is considered and sulks the other person that much.

Now, do you have this sense of sarcasm? A bit of it, yes. We all have responded to silly questions like ‘Hey… You have arrived.’ with ‘No, still on my way.’ and that testifies that we all do have a bit of it. But do you have enough of it? Do you have what it takes to move on from slapstick comedy and become slapstick sarcastic? The move is not that great though, all it needs is directing your jokes at persons instead of at other random things. And it may seem that restricting all the things available to joke upon just to people for the sake of sense of sarcasm is useless but truth be told, it’s not that hard.

All a person needs to do in order to wake up his sarcastic side is say aloud what goes on in his mind on hearing such a comment rather than keep it within him. It’s a universal fact, your mind automatically comes up with a brilliant sarcasm on hearing any stupid statement and most of the time that space in your mind is where that fun ends. However, making your sarcasm audible will not only help others to a dose of laughter, but it will also help the other person avoid saying stupid things in public, or at least think twice before saying them – because we all know, some people just can’t help it. And such people are the reason why this sense of sarcasm has arrived strongly and is here to stay for a long time.

Say it out loud

Take it as a paradox but even creating laughter sometimes hurts. There is a slight chance that the person at the other end of the joke might take it personally and that is something which sarcasm never tries to achieve. Laughter is the best gift you can give to even strangers but it’s not something to be earned at the cost of hurting someone. Hence if you can, try to think twice yourself too and keep within the line that declares it as sarcasm, not as an insult.  And unintentionally if you do hurt someone, don’t shy from saying sorry. People won’t remember your sarcasm as long as he would remember his insult. Therefore, make sure your sense of sarcasm doesn’t earn you enemies.

One more thing, if you love being sarcastic, try accepting sarcasm on you as well. There will be people who will make you the butt of their jokes but if you made others smile on someone, learn to smile on yourself too. Sarcasm is actually a good thing as long as it’s meant for fun. Say out your mind, be sure you don’t spoil anybody’s mood and be sure you don’t spoil yours; these can be concluded as the three major keys of sense of sarcasm. But the most important thing would be to pull out a joke – sarcastic or not – because in these serious times we do need jokes to get us through the day. You will help if you make others the end of your joke or even if you become so yourself. Because the best thing about even sarcasm is smile it leaves.

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