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Selfie: The Current Trend


SELFIE: The Current Trend

In recent times a lot of new words have popularized and have become a hot subject in everyone’s conversation and so is this word.¬†Well Selfie is a word with which I guess everyone is familiar with nowadays.No wonder the way Androids and smartphones have captured the market.We humans have become totally addicted to it.Mobile has become our need, it is something one can call it his/her friend.The modern generation is techno savvy and all like being updated with these new exciting gadgets and their features.

Selfie : The Current Trend
Selfie : The Current Trend

Selfie of course came into existence majorly because of mobile phones and specifically because of camera.Photography was something everyone liked because its main aim was to capture moments.Gone are the days where people carry camera or handy-cams since mobile phones have gifted the facility of camera and front facing cameras.There was a time when people would ask others to click their photo but now this SELFIE trick has solved all the problem!People click their own photos by themselves by stretching their arms with their phone either by clicking with the phone main camera or by its front facing camera.A selfie is a self-portrait photograph featuring the photographer, typically taken with either a hand-held digital camera or camera phone. Selfies are often shared on social networking services such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They are usually flattering and made to appear casual. Most selfies are taken with a camera held at arm’s length or pointed at a mirror, rather than by using a self-timer.

This word was technically invented in Australia hence Australia claims it that they have invented the word Selfie.This word has been officially added in modern dictionary’s.
Selfie has created


This new invention has created a rage allover the world specially over internet and more precisely on social networking sites.Since it does not cost a penny to click a picture in your phone,people tend to click thousands of selfies at a time with various poses and emotions.It is surveyed that girls intentionally dress up to click out beautiful selfies of themselves.It has indeed created a mania kind of addiction.People take out selfies everywhere whether its a party,at your dining table,travelling in a flight or even while getting a haircut done.With Apps like instagram and snapchat,people’s craze for selfie has risen more to describe and share what they are doing currently or instantly by these apps.These apps give facililty of taking out self camera pictures too which creates more addiction.


Selfie stick has added a cherry on the the cake.To make the procedure even more easy,Selfie stick was introduced that solved the problem of capturing a group in a pic instead of only few.Selfie had a drawback that only few were captured and was restricted to a particular focus but selfie stick made the holding of the phone easier and focus more proper.


It is not that always people carrry selfie sticks but with the invention of selfie persons have become self dependent and take their picture by themselves according to their own comfort,focus and at their ease.No one has to beg for getting their photos clicked,It is seen single travellers nowadays capture their visit photos by selfies.


Trend has its own form and can occur anytime and spread like a disease so is the case with selfie and its lovers.People nowadays are freaky and live life according to themselves,they don’t need any occasion for a Selfie.Science says that some people practically click a particular amount of Selfies Daily i.e. it has become their habit,a part of their routine.


Yes,Its true that Selfie has given rise to the Pout Pose among the youngsters.Girls are nowadays comfortable pouting anywhere for a smacking selfie!To have a nice pic,Demand for Red Lipsticks,Hot pink lipsticks has risen So that girls can pout with their red or pink lips in their selfies.


Psychologists say that Selfie is an obsessive psychological disorder which is bad for health.No doubt that everyone likes to have nice photos clicked of themselves but everything to its limit looks good.These days even small kids and teenagers have gone so addicted to it that they go berserk and crazy.


This is one another major reason why Selfie has popularized as mentioned earlier,Instagram popularizes photos with the highest Likes,Increases Followers and people to do so use interesting hashtags and filters on their pics.It is believed Selfie are the most popular kind of photos posted on Instagram by users.

Collage&Editing Apps Have Become Popular

Another reason why people download editing apps and apps which make good collage’s and crop photos,its because of Selfies.To make their selfie look more beautiful,people edit their Selfies in different kinds of modes,use effects,stickers,texts and frames.A most common Selfie Collage is seen where girls make a collage of their selfies with different kinds of moods.Hence,Selfie is a Current trending Hot Topic and will continue to capture the market even more in more different forms.

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