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Scars-Magic Fade


Sasha has a scar on her left cheek-the shape of Australia printed on her face.She got it when she was two,long before she knew that scars were considered a bad thing in this world.Now and then a person would ask her the reason and story of the scar.Everytime she would reply with a happy face narrating her story mentioning how she was extremely excited to see a camel cart,slipped and the cart went over her face.She never felt that it was thing to feel bad about even when she reached her teenage.Her mom gave her a cream which would lighten the scar,but she said to herself that she liked the scar.She did not mind having it for a lifetime.Is it the case with all of us?

Certainly not.

Scars appear after the normal healing process of the body takes place on an injured or bruised part.Scars happen because of our own carelessness or unintentionally without us even being aware of the fact.Alas!we all have them.Be it one or many ,big or small ,we all have them.

Scars provide a different kind of history each person carries along with them all their life.Person has a personal memory of how and under what circumstances he got the scar.Scars can make us sigh over the fact that one has it,or make one laugh reminding them of a beautiful and fun time.


Scars can have no noticable effect on people or it can traumatize people reminding them all their life of the incident.Scars are not a thing to sulk and wallow upon but it does affect people a bit.One does wonder of the fact and tries to imagine what would it be like if it wasn’t present.

Scars are not just physical bruises ,they have psychological and emotional effects on people too.The bruises over body heal with time leaving a mark,and that mark makes a person vulnerable to low self confidence .It may cause self image issues.People start feeling uncomfortable when they are surrounded with people constantly reminding themselves that people are staring over it ,even when are not in reality.The fact that someone could just poke them or ask about it haunts them.

People commenting-‘What’s that?’ seems like no,just don’t ask that.

When the season of summer looms around the corner those scars seems to mock upon people reminding them that their skinny and short dresses might not be the choice for the day or for any day.

One can proudly be strong enough to look over that fact and make a good impression on people.

Everyone gets injured now or then in their daily routine.The question is how to get rid of them?

The thing is once you get a scar it is impossible to make it vanish,but it can surely be made less noticable.

Scars can be severe or minor .One could get a scar from a pimple or an accident.Our body has a really fast and good healing process,but it has limitations too.The mark left when the blood clots and the skin is rejuvenated is a limitation.The skin is almost same as the previous one but it still differs and creates a noticable difference.

Home remedies for minor scars:

   1. Cucumber


Cucumbers have high water content.Cucumber paste can be prepared at home or can be purchased from the market.

 Procedure for application-

Apply the paste and let it dry for 20-30 minutes and then wash face.

   2. Lemon Juice

It has a bleaching and rejuvenating action.

Procedure of application-

Apply lemon juice with the help of cotton ball.Let it stay for atleast 10 minutes and then wash the area .


Honey helps in fading scars and rejuvenating skin.

Procedure for application-Massage honey along with baking soda for 2-3 minutes.Use a wet cloth to wipe .

   4. Turmeric


Turmeric takes 2-3 weeks to show difference.

Procedure for application-Turmeric can be applied along with youghurt and lemon juice.Leave it there for atleast 10 minutes.Rinse it .

   5. Onion juice

The results are slow and may take months to show difference.Onion gels are available in the market and can be used to obtain maximal benefit.The gel can be applied as per instructions.

   6. Aloe Vera gel


It has remarkable properties of skin rejuvenation.The best results can be seen when it is used raw.

Procedure for application-

Apply it after taking out the gel from leaves 2-3 times a day.Rinse it after some time.

   7. Olive oil


It is an excellent remedy for treating scars because it has high amount of antioxidants.Vitamins present in olive oil also help in rejuvenation of skin.

Procedure for application-Apply it on the affected part and let it stay for atleast 10 minutes.Rinse your face

Many surgical treatments and chemical ointments are also available in the market to lighten the scars.

Healing of scar helps people gain back their confidence .The healing makes makes all the difference in the world for some people.It feels like they have gone through a magical process that would make their like happy forever and ever.Why not try and gain that happiness if that scar affects us so much?If healing it is possible and one knows it would help them gain back their confidence.

Trying these not so magical potions with magical effects can certainly help diminish the scar.

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