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Sass Up This Summer With Short Hair


‘It’s getting late,i need to get back home’.Samara hurried back to home.When she stepped outside the premises of her college she saw the sun was dwindling but the surroundings still felt as hot as a chimney.As she walked towards the station ,she was covered with sweat and her hair seemed like a birds nest.She hated summers and especially her hair for that reason.Don’t we all hate it?Our hairs just stop listening to our plights and give us the most horrible look ever.
Summers are round the corner.With the scorching heat one has to face everyday ,it’s very difficult to carry that perfect look.So as the season changes,haircut should also be different.Everyone desires that haircut which would make their hair easy to manage.A new look imbibes a positive energy and confidence.You feel great about yourself.
To keep distance from the feeling of it’s too hot to bear ,one either opts for a new haircut ,which most probably are short hair in summer time or ties their hair up in a pony or bun.The pony look is all time favourite and easiest of them all.But change is the driving force of life.A pony gives a lazy look .Most of the time people think that one is not concerned about their looks.
This season short hairs are the leading trend.We aren’t suggesting you to get a bald look or something too different.Just for a change and your convenience short hair is the new way to sass it up.
Ready to ditch your long flowing hair this summer?Here are some haircuts that would go according to the hot weather and you can try this summer.

Pixie Cut:Those small strands of hear dwindling just above the ears are so cool.They give you a young look .Pixie cut hairs are easy to maintain .No need to waste endless time in making braids.Even the slightest amount of energy required to make a pony is not required .Just comb them once and you are ready to carry on a perfect look all day. It is the most comfortable look to carry in summers.There’s no way your hair can mess up your look if you have this cut.


Bob cut:Bob cut is a classic hairstyle which is common among women of all ages. If you think pixie cut hair are too short,get a ear length haircut.This hair look has existed from a long time and is versatile.Get a blunt cut if you have straight hair .For wavy hair layers look pretty awesome.

Bob cut

Add spice to it by getting a angled back cut.
Shoulder length cut:If you wish to give a new look to your hair but don’t want them to be too short or too long,then this is the perfect length.You can go for the half tie look or just put up a clutcher

Pageboy cut:Opting for this look can set you apart from the crowd.Hair pins or puff can make your look even better.

Pageboy cut

Pins ,clips and headbands go with all lengths of hair .They provide a nice option to accessorize hair.
If some new look flashes your dense mind like a streak of lightning you should totally give it a try.One can consult a stylist too,to know the perfect look which would suit their face.

If you think you aren’t brave enough to get those short haircuts and are utterly and deeply in love with your long hair, also you don’t want to lose them under any circumstances then there are different ways by which you can change your look.Try a french braid ,waterfall braid or bun in your hair.Change your look by getting streaks done in your hair.Forego that lazy bun look.
Getting a haircut doesn’t mean you have found the key to perfect hair.Some things always need to be kept in mind .We all know these simple measures but do not follow them in routinely manner.Here’s a quick recap-
1.Oil your hair every week.
2. Wash your hair atleast twice a week .
3. Cover your hair to protect them from harmful rays of sun.
4.Avoid using hair dryers and curling rods to protect your hair from excessive heat.
5. Use hot water to was your hair.
These simple hair care tips along with that perfect haircut or hairstyle can give you the i-can-beat-the-heat look this summer.Go for the one you like or the one you think will look best on you.Also give a thought to will you be able to carry that look.

The busy girls in for a fairly low maintenance look this summer.’Awesome’ ‘Totally awesome’ ‘You look pretty’ ‘That hair cut suits you’ these comments are waiting to flatter you and make your cheeks turn red.
It’s time to get out of the house and get those chunks of hair chopped off.A short ,beautiful,carefree hairstyle is what you need this summer.Enjoy the sun without worrying about hair.

At last a big no no to all those haircuts you see are done by leading singers and actress without keeping in mind the reality .Everything that looks good on them will not compulsorily look good on us too.Always go to a trusted hairstylist.These two tips will save you from getting a disastrous haircut.

Happy summers!

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