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I Do, Do I?


It is considered imperative that everyone becomes a part of this institution of marriage. Marriage is a union of not only 2 souls but also, 2 families. It is difficult to meet someone we actually like in this world. How tough is the job of finding The One?! The most difficult question is how do you know that you want to marry The One and when?

In today’s world, it is so difficult to find someone you can easily fall in love with. We go through so many guys and try and try and try to find someone worth it! Someone we can spend the rest of our lives with. But, we all know what kind of freaks there are in this world. Creeps, perverts, cheaters, mommy issues, or even homeless! It is so difficult to find someone who scores well on our check list! The process is so tiresome that some of us even lose all of our hopes and just focus on our careers. Let us just assume that by some miracle we meet someone we really love, how do we know that it is the time to tie the holy knot of matrimony?

1) Dating Experience

You can know what you like in a life partner only when you have dated a few men. I do not mean to say that you have to go around the entire block and date 20-30 men and then decide. It is not a survey so to speak. I am saying that when you have dated a few men, you come to have an understanding of the qualities that you appreciate and those qualities that you do not appreciate.

2) Common Goals

Be with a man who is the same person as you, a person who has the same expectations in life as you, a person who has the same wants and needs as you. What if you get hitched with a guy who wants to travel the world while you want to be in one place? The relationship is headed for a disaster there! So, be with a man who wants to live in the city like you, or wants to have kids like you etc.

3) You are content with him

No one is perfect but, if you like him in his imperfect self and do not want him to change, its a beautiful match! Accepting the other person is an important part of a relationship. You cannot just hate some of his habits from the inside of your guts and still fake a smile just for him. You have to be fine with the way he is. The same goes for him too!

4) Good communication

It is very important to have good physical chemistry but that is not going to help you two get along in old age now, is it? There has to be a good level of communication outside the sheets as well! You two should be able to have fun PG13 way too. There should be a strong level of understanding and mutual respect.

5) Think of the Marriage, not just the Wedding Day

I understand that the wedding day is the most important day of the lives of all women out there (and men too!). But, you should know that the wedding is not nearly as important as the marriage. What happens after the wedding is much much more important. So, do not lose your mind looking at pictures of all of your friends getting married. Marry only for the right reasons.

6) Try to resolve fights

Every couple has its own set of arguments. What is important is what happens during and after the fight. If both the people try to rationally talk after a fight, then you are ready for marriage. But, if you both pretend like the fight just did not happen, then you should know that pretending the non- existence of something does not make it go away. The issue will come back to haunt you sooner or later. So, if you guys are not able to resolve your issues, you’re both not ready for marriage as of now.

7) The friends and family like The One

The most important people after The One are our friends and family. It makes things a lot easier and smoother if they like the guy you want to be with. Otherwise, your relationship with The One just puts a strain on your other relationships and creates issues. The input of your family and friends does have importance even though in the end, you are the one who has to live with the decision that you make.

Marriage is important. Choosing the partner is a very big deal. Please do not rush into this concept of marriage just because your friends are getting married or your relatives are crazy conservative people. Be ambitious. Secure all the goals that you have planned for yourself. Only then, think about marriage. Marriage does make life beautiful with only with the right man!



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