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A Romance Buff Must Read This!


The world is not short of people who have deep faith in the feeling called love. The feeling of love and being loved in return is probably the greatest feeling on earth, many claim. And the most hyped form of love and the most talked about love is the lover between two lovers. The act of showing this love of yours to your partner is what is called as romance. Many people are claimant to say that they are good at romance and believe in this so called eternal feeling to the deepest roots. You can show your love in many ways or at times let your silence speak. But there are many misconceptions about love. These are called as romance myths. Here is a look down to some of these love and romance myths:


The Ultimate Love and Romance Myths

Love is blind

Come on and accept that this is a wrong claim. It is understood that you do not fall in love with the looks of a person but by his/her personality. But the adage doesn’t end here. When you say love is blind, you mean you can ignore whatever your lover does irrespective of the fact that he is right or wrong. And if you take the literal sense than for that matter, even that doesn’t make much of a sense. Looks do matter. The person falls in love with you but at some stage of time, you are bound to be questioned about your tastes, fashion sense etc. if you become fat all of a sudden, very few lovers will continue to love you the same way! Every lover demands some level of maintenance from your end.

The distances between the two make your bond stronger

Well, really? Imagine situation when your lover goes on a long trip or gets shifted to a new atmosphere, the distances between the two is bound to increase. Gone are the days when people await for their loved one to come back or wait for their letters. A new atmosphere results in new friends, new likings, and new fantasies. And the distance between you two will certainly not help your cause. At some point of time, due to busy schedule of one person, your relationship is going to get affected. You can forgive the person for forgetting you on a night, but when this becomes a regular habit, you do end up saying, “You have changed.”You don’t love me anymore.”

It is not the action that matters; it is your feeling that counts

We live in a practical world. Imagine today is your partner’s birthday. You plan to take her to a superhit movie and surprise her with a lavish dinner. You take her along but by the time you reach the theatres, tickets are sold out. You walk with a heavy heart and reach the restaurant only to find it jam packed. Certainly your girlfriend won’t think about the noble thought of yours to surprise her. All she will look at is a failed outing. Still feel it is the feeling that matters? Think along the same line then. God help you!

Opposite attracts?

We have seen in the movies how two people fall in love after having a numerous short fights. Well, this works well with the movie story line and not your life. You can’t coexist with a person who has dissimilar likings! You will get irritated at some stage and your “love” will not be able to compensate for your dissimilar likings. You can’t end up eating something you are allergic to.

Ignore and get loved

We have heard about the old adage of treating someone mean and keeping them keen. This is yet another myth about love and romance. How can you expect someone to continue getting attracted to you when in return you give them nothing? Totally senseless! Sure, the person tries hard to get to you, keeps his faith and interest intact for some time. But there is always a saturation level beyond which the person will reciprocate the way you behave and the tempers erupt!

Smileys are the ones to believe

How often have you noticed that you are angry with your lover and all that your lover does is send a lovey dovey message on a social platform with a flood of smileys and your heart melts? These are just a way of flattering an individual. Remember a kiss on text is never a real one. One can send you a number of good smileys at the same time when he is with someone else. Think over it!

True love costs you nothing

Nothing. Is that the word used? Well, many of you know the reality but you are not strong enough to swallow the bitter pill. No one can stay with you with your romantic quotes and endless futuristic promises. You can’t spend your partner’s birthday without giving a gift, can you? Also, there are always people who make you feel green when you see them shopping hard with their partners. In addition to this, what about the bills of your dates, dinners and coffees? However if you keep a track of finances and neither be neither a spendthrift nor a frugal one, your partners appreciate that.

You can always be loved and love someone, albeit being most non expressive. What matters is how you put things into the right perspective and right frame of things. Being a romantic buff is alright, but try being a sensible one.

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