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This is the Right Choice Baby!(Part 2)



This is the right choice baby! (Part 2)

Hope you were helpful with the part one of this article. One article on this wasn’t enough to cover all the useful fruits and vegetables for your benefit so I decided why not make another part of it as reading all at once will be boring and if there is bit of suspense then it excites more to read about it right? So there is no need for introductions for what this article might be about ill just start it straight away. Following are the items you should consider too with the items mention earlier.

  • Tomato:

It removes hot spots, used as a toning lotion or used as a face pack. Cut a tomato in two half and put these two halves on face and dark circles so as to reduce the dark part. Wash off after 10-15 minutes. Mix multani mitti powder with tomato pulp yields an excellent paste which closes the enlarged pores. Apply this paste on the body ½ hour before bathing- 1 table spoon lemon juice, 2 table spoon cream and 3 table spoons of tomato juice.

  • Rose:

Rose petals are used to make rose water which is an ideal base for skin tonics. It softens the coarse skin and loses the enlarged pores. It is used in lotions, creams and face packs for soothing action and beautiful skin.

  • Hibiscus:

Its leaves applied as paste to hairs work for hair fall and for good looking hair.

  • Curry leaves:

Good in iron daily consumed helps in eye care and strengthens hair roots.

  • Pudina:

Pudina helps in cooling and healing effect on our body. It can also clear blemishes and refresh oily skin. It is also used as skin tonic. Apply its juice on face and neck and then wash it out. You can also add basil juice in it.

  • Barley:

Barley flour use as a face pack as it helps to remove blemishes from the skin. Beer made of barley makes an effective setting lotion for the hair.

  • Castor oil:

It is certainly more pleasant when used externally. Rub castor oil on head. Dip a large towel in hot water. Wrap around the head for a while. This allows a greater penetration of oil deep into the surface of the head. Castor oil can be also used for darkening and thickening of the eye lashes.

  • Sandalwood powder:

It’s very good for skin. It gives great look and shine when applied as face pack with water or rosewater, oil has good fragrance.

  • Mehandi leaves:

Helpful as dye for hair gives natural color and powder can be used for designing on hands.

  • Olive oil:

Smoothens skin, cares hair.

  • Clove:

Clove has powerful antiseptic qualities and has a refreshing effect. It heals rashes skins. It is used in medicated creams and packs.

  • Papaya:

Papaya made as paste applied to face gives a great smooth and glow look to the skin.

  • Milk:

It is a good cleanser (raw milk can be used for cleansing) people who possess dry skin can mix milk in their face packs which provides moistures.

  • Cream:

It is a good moisturizer in winter massage with it gives skin smoothness and soft touch. For children massage to the body, face and allow for half an hour and then take a bath which leaves skin smooth and soft. Massaging to hands reveals and heals cracked skin, lips, cheeks used instead of cold cream.

  • Lavender:

It is one of the most versatile cosmetic aids. Apart from its soft and sweet natural aroma it refreshes and tones up the skin and is an ingredient for baby shampoos and cleansers.

  • Yogurt:

It has several benefits as it contains enzymes and is a wonderful natural cleanser. It also helps in maintaining good health of skin and hair. Mixed with scrub and used on face makes skin smooth and cleanses good.

  • Radish:

It helps to removes black spots from the skin.

  • Fenugreek:

Controls pimples and its powder applied to hair controls hair fall and dandruff.

  • Multani mitti:

Best face pack for oily skin as it tightens skin and closes the pores, its best when mixed with rose water and then applied.

  • Coconut oil:

Best for hair growth daily or weekly thrice applied and massaged makes root stronger and helps in growth of hair, blackens hair, strengthens the roots and also gives cooling effect to brain. Massage of it over body weekly once or 15 days once before bathing keeps always skin younger and prevents wrinkles and dryness.

  • Scraped coconut:

Grind coconut with water take thick extract and apply to hairs leave for half an hour and wash it off. It strengthens roost and leaves hair shiny and soft.

  • Coriander:

Make a paste and apply over blemishes it works a lot. Its juice applied over lips daily turn the lips pink and smooth.

Hope this all ingredients helped you through to prevent from problems and maintain you with perfect dietary chart. Follow this and you will get the outcome you desired. Thank you!


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