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This is the Right Choice Baby! (Part 1)



This is the right choice baby! (part 1)

Whether we drink or eat our choice and selection matters the most as it affects our entire body pattern and inner system. Fruits and vegetables all are rich in one or the other vitamin or minerals they help in major part in maintaining our skin and health, hair and skin and provides nutrient properly to overall body. Each and every fruit or vegetables or pulses possess their own goodness and is rich in one or the other thing. Following are few fruit and vegetables that give one or the other benefit to you:

  • Apple:

Apple is rich in nutrients as there is a saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. to get the glowing look on your face make a paste of an apple skin or you can rub it on your legs and hands so you will get the glowing effect and it will become soft.

  • Apricot:

apricot has vitamin A so it helps to rejuvenate the skin. it is often used in skin creams because of it’s contents of poly unsaturated fats. it also  help to reduce the stretch marks and also to smooth up your wrinkles. also used in face pack.

  • Banana:

bananas are also used in face packs as its pulp helps o remove blemishes and turns out very effective in skin problems. it turns out well when used with yogurt. if you have blemishes on your hands you can rub the peel of a ripe banana on you hand to reduce them. for excellent face pack you can opt for coconut oil or live oil fro your face and hand.

  • Orange:

oranges are in great help to keep away many skin problems. keep the orange peels in sun to dry and then grind it to make a face pack, they help a lot to tone the skin properly. you can also put that peel into a boiling water and use that water as cleansers in the morning when you wash your face.

  • Peach:

peach also makes a good face pack to your skin. especially for dry skin individual with dry skin can go for peach mask.

  • Sweet lime:

lime is the ever best option to keep your skin clean and also helps to control the growth of pimples.

  • Lemon:

lemons turned out to be the remedy for every problem whether it may be hair or skin it is easily available and applicable. it helps to reduce your hair fall an also treats your skin. it has been proven the natural cleanser for skin problems.

  • Cucumber:

It has a nature of cleansing, soothing and mild astringent effect on the skin. Grated cucumber with a little milk can be applied on the face for refreshing the skin. Wiping the skin with cucumber slices can benefit oily skins. Removes dark circles under eyes.

  • Beetroot:

beetroot is know to improve the hemoglobin in human body other that it has also been proven that if it’s slices are rubbed on lips you get pink lips.

  • Carrot:

to keep your skin tight and to avoid wrinkles eat lots of carrots. it is also another important ingredient in face creams and face packs. before bathing if you can milk to the carrot juice and apply to your body. it helps to heal the swelling around your eyes.

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  • Bengal gram flour:

It is a good skin cleanser makes the skin glow and removes unwanted hair.

  • Glycerin:

Used for washing hairs and many problems of skin.

  • Honey:

It removes scars it is one of the best natural moistures and can be applied on the skin to get a soft, moist and sating look. Honey taken in Luke warm water to empty stomach in morning helps in weight reduction.

  • Aloe Vera:

It is best for skin that too for oily skin and hairs.

  • Egg:

Egg provides a face lift by tightening the pores and nourishing the skin. The white part of an egg is a wonderful cleanser. Apply it on your head hour before you shampoo for a special conditioning effect. Beat an egg and mix it with two tea spoons of brandy and apply before washing your hair.

  • Potato:

It helps in cleaning the skin blemishes. Grate potatoes and extract the juice and apply it to the skin. Potato juice has a tightening effect and it helps in reducing puffiness around the eyes. Mix cream or milk and a pinch of turmeric powder in smashed potatoes. Apply this as a face pack. Grind the raw potato, wrap it in thin cloth and keep this cloth covering over the eyes. This removes the eye blanches.

  • Salt:

Bathing the eyes in warm water to which a little salt has been added can really brighten them up. Salt mix with lemon juice and rubbed over teeth removes yellow patches over teeth.

  • Tea:

Soak cotton wool pads cold tea and use them as eye pads to refresh the tired eyes. Use tea extract for final wash of hairs which gives glow to hairs.

  • Turmeric:

turmeric is known from ancient times as it has the healing power. used on many skin problems and also know for removing unwanted hair with a pinch of salt in it.

These were list of few things useful for health and body parts to keep healthy. This was just part one of it stay tuned for part two of this. Coming soon! Till then follow this and keep updated. Thank you!


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