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Restyle your life!


In this world, we are all busy. From the moment the sun rises to the moment when the sun is about to rise. We are all busy. Life is moving forward really fast. With our busy lives, we grow apart from those people who were so close to us. Years go by in a blur and we do not realize what happened. One day, you’re all the best of friends and the other day, you’re worse than strangers. I’m saying ‘worse than strangers’ because it is much worse when you go from ‘best friend forever’ to someone you don’t even acknowledge anymore. Life is ever changing and brilliant in each of its forms. But, maybe once and in a while, we all should stop, take a deep breath and just look back at what we have lost and what all we have gained.

Life, this wave, is fun and exciting. Sometimes, it is busy. Sometimes, it is misleading or hurtful or even death. Yes, sometimes life is death. I mean, that is the end result of life, is it not? I urge you to kindly change the way you look at life. I agree, life is a fast moving roller coaster. But, there are some mistakes we make along the way that, maybe, will give us second thoughts full of regret in our last moments. Our life keeps us busy and on our toes! We keep on wishing we’d spend time doing certain things and avoid doing some of the things that we are currently doing. What we do not understand is that life is passing by. In our moments of profound meaning, importance of which we do not even realize, life is slipping by.

Life is supposed to be fun. Do crazy things. Love in love. Let yourself go. Dance like no one is watching. Get drunk. Do something. Live!!

Here is my list of things that I feel we all should try and add to our lives. We keep restyling our clothes. So, why can’t we restyle our life?

1) Make a bucket list

This one is pretty simple actually! Take a pen. Take a paper. Write down all the things that you want to do before your precious life ends. It could be anything. These are things which will make you feel liberated! These things will make you proud of yourself. They will make you smile. The points can be as simple as getting pictures clicked with complete strangers to adventurous things like climbing up the Himalayas. Just make sure you make a good list. At least 15 things. When you start, slowly you’ll just add more and more to this list!

2) Do what you love

By that, I do not mean that you ignore the world and just sleep all day. Well, on second thought, maybe you could do that once in a while. Your new mantra should be “Do I love doing this?” Don’t like the job? Find a new one. Aren’t sure about your girlfriend/ boyfriend? End it. Love should not leave room for any kind of doubt. Want a tattoo? Go get one! Want to change your major in college? Do it. It is your life. You have to live it. The person sitting next to you is not going to feel happy or sad about you. You. You feel happy or sad or grumpy or moody or any of those million emotions. It is you who has to go through your day. So, why not make your day bright? You do like sunshine, right? Don’t you want to be like sunshine? Bright and warm and radiating and beautiful sunshine is! If you do what you love, no doubt you will have no regrets in the end.

3) Make time for people

I know we all lead really busy lives. One by one, as each day comes to an end, we do not realize this but we are pulling away from the people we love. We are all consumed by work, bank loans, payments and what not! In this zoo of a life, why not calm down for a while? I do not think it sounds like a bad idea. Go hang out with your college friends! Maybe, plan a high school reunion. Create memories. They create the person that you are. The people you love, let them know how you feel. Breathe. Life is much more than office and work and stress. It is about you. What you want. What your loved ones want. Cherish the people in your life. They might not be with you in the future.

4) De clutter

No one wants to be living in a place full of crap. Your surroundings should be light and airy and welcoming. Box all the extra stuff, if you do not want to throw it away. I know you still love you high school football jersey but, you’re not really wearing it now, are you? Put it in the box. One day, you may find it tucked in some place and you’ll get a rush of all the things that happened to you when you were wearing the same jersey. Got lots of old clothes? Give it to the poor. Be charitable. A kind and generous heart does not hurt anybody.

5) Listen to music

Music is the food for soul. Music can define every single one of your moods. It is actually healthy to listen to music. Make sure you do this every day. Music helps us relieve our stress. Listening to happy songs can actually make a crappy day feel like it was just as normal as always. If you are sad, listen to a sad melody. Cry it out and move on. In a way, music keeps us going. So, why stop? The best thing about music is that every one loves it. One genre or the genre. Music caters to everyone’s needs.

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