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4 reasons to stop gadget addiction


The movie “HER” has made people wonder, will there truly be a time when people fall in love with their machines? The movie is about a man named Theodore, a divorcee. He is left in the world all alone when Catherine, his wife asks for a divorce. Unable to cope up the loneliness he buys a computer with talking OS who names herself Samantha. The story proceeds to show how he develops a relationship with Samantha emotionally. She talks to him, advices him and makes him happy. When confronted by Catherine, who believes he runs away from real emotions with real people, Theodore is forced to rethink about his love for Samantha.

The movie raises serious concerns about the increasing dependency of people on their machines. Here is a list of 4 reasons why we should stop our addiction for gadgets.

1)Gadgets over people


The times have changed drastically. Earlier people used to have a conversation with others when they travelled outside. They made new friends over buying a book in Book Café. They found company when they asked for directions and realized they were going to the same place. Friendships were made in real over a hearty conversation not through a friend request over social networking site. Now the scenario goes like this- You go outside, take out your phones, plug in the earphones and read a book. If you are not a music lover, then you will probably pass away your time playing Candy Crush or 2048.

Why are we choosing a gadget over the people sitting besides us in a metro who might have better stories to tell? You might end up having a laugh instead of a high score!

Unless you want to end up like Theodore, go out and spend time with real people.

2)Committed to your gadgets!


If you don’t mingle with people, you will end up saying “I do” to a gadget! Not a lovely picture? Then stop your love for gadgets and raise your head. You won`t get your soul mate on Chat with people but not with texts, with words. Have a full fledged conversation. In this age of sms, conversations have been reduced to “Hi-Hello-Tata-Bye” Don’t wake up in mornings to your phone- checking notifications. Fall in love with people. Switch off your phones. Shut down the laptop. Take a walk outside and say hello to everyone who passes you by!

3)Emotions ≠ Artificial intelligence


Apple invented SIRI. It is funny. Not the invention, SIRI is funny when you ask questions. It replies back just like any normal human being. Does that mean you replace all your friends with it? No. No matter how developed this “artificial intelligence” thing is, you will feel the real emotions only with real people and not some gadget programmed to be human. It might say the right answer, make you laugh when you are sad, listen to all your problems but in the end it is just a sequence of code.

4)Simplify and de-mechanize your life


Remember the simpler times when you used to pass your time by playing a game of snake and ladder. The family used to sit together and play for hours. Now, each one of you has your own gadget. Someone is playing video games, other one is texting and then there is always one person who has to have the TV remote. Social life is not limited to your Facebook friends. Half of them won’t come to your rescue in time of crisis. Social life includes people you actually meet. Only they know you truly and care about you.

5)Stop escaping



Are machines an escape?

Are we too scared to interact with the real world? Do we need a machine to hide behind? Have people become too involved with their own lives? Theodore runs away from a bad marriage, what are we running from? Maybe the world has become a scary place to live in. We are taught to beware of strangers and speculate every friendly gesture. Who knows he might be a rapist or psychopath killer. On the other hand machine looks less harmful. It is not going to extend its arms out and strangle us to death!

Stop being paranoid. Machines will not strangle you physically but they will suck all your life mentally. You will be left tired with no social life.

Love with Robots, a book written by David Levy throws more light on this topic. According to him, humans will fall in love with robots by 2050. You can laugh over it or you can realize the mistakes. We are so engrossed in our phones, laptops, I pads, that we rarely take time out to meet people. Reports suggest that 40% of people prefer to socialize on internet than face to face. Calculations suggest that this number will keep on increasing with the advancement in technology. Scientists are working on gadgets that will soon respond to feelings, touch and emotions. We are heading towards a scary world. A world where people will either be devoid of emotions just like machines or they will have all the emotions devoted to a machine!

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