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A relationship is a word that describes the bond that two people share. It signifies the connection between them. A relationship is not just between a girl and a boy but a dog and his master, a novel, and its reader, a mother, and her daughter may share the same bond. The context can vary from families or kinship relationships, marriage, friendship, colleagues relations colleagues, work, clubs, and neighborhood. Every relationship has its own essence, it might be a Love-Hate relationship, a casual relationship, a romantic friendship, a professional relationship or a physical relationship. A relationship does not need promises or terms and conditions. It requires two people who love each other and want to be together.

All human beings crave for and certainly need social contacts. Relationships are very important to humans irrespective of their age, gender, nationality. Without relationship, life is empty, boring, dull and lonely. Relationships however change and develop over time. For example, as we grow, our relationship with our parents change, we tend to become more independent and responsible towards our duties. We start to develop interest outside family and become closer to our peers. Communication within a relationship is an important factor. If we do not communicate well, the relationship will suffer. It is important to raise issues which may lead to conflicts, share interests and make a healthy decision. Trust, understanding, transparency, loyalty and honesty are the other building blocks of a healthy relationship. Such relationships involve a mutual respect and equality between the partners.

Each partner should be able to freely express the feelings without the fear of negative consequences. Opinions should be valued, even when not agreed with, behavior and decisions should be made with compromise. With relationships, life is fun and fulfilling but sometimes stressful. Relationships are rewarding but a struggle too hence giving a headache to many.

The pace of life today is fast and constantly changing which often leads to negligence in a relationship. It is often given a low priority in our list of things to be attended. Even when two people are happy together, arguments do occur, compromises are not easy to make. Relationships require a lot of time and effort from both the partners but sometimes due to the behavior of one of the partners, fights, and arguments take place which may eventually lead to a breakup. Breakup is not only stressful and depressing but it also discourages and demotivates an individual socially, mentally and physically. This type of a separation is often mutual. Sometimes, a relationship takes a turn due to other issues like dissatisfaction, dishonesty, discomfort or abusive behaviour of one partner towards the other. The presence of emotional abuse occurs when the partners humiliate or harass each other making them feel disheartened and desolated. In this bad phase of relationship, partners look for an external support like a friend,      mother and sometimes a therapist. Their advice may help to improve the relationship or even end it but at the end it all depends on what you want. A happy and healthy relationship do make people life easier, ease stress and are worth working for it.

Thus, a relationship is the most integral part of our life. It affects not just us but our lives tremendously. One bad decision in a relationship can change your entire life. Hence one must not be judgemental in a relationship, he should be a skeptic and open minded. It is very important for a person to accept his/her partner the way he/she is. At the same time, it is also very important to be direct and honest when you want to say something or ask for something. A successful relationship can only be sustained through mutual respect and working together to lead a happy life by making some compromises. A little more adjustments and little more compromises, and your relationship will grow stronger than ever. A relationship may not be perfect but if a person accepts your past, supports your present and encourages your future, you have found a true relationship. So, respect it, appreciate it and give it your best efforts.

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