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Regretablly Caged,Rescue Us..



The silence was deafening. The shrill cry of the eagle pierced the silence of the evening as a guillotine flash of lighting sliced open the night sky. It had been too long. Time stopped as if the rest was in slow motion. They had been kept waiting for too long. They have stayed cribbed, confined and caged in this claustrophobic carcass. Clean of sanity, clean of obligations thus the fire of disgust and wrath inside them desperately sought a crater and they were vacillating between anger and incomprehension. A cerise glow enveloped them. The glow seemed to mirror their almost feral instinct to break free. They wanted to get rid of the shackles, to destroy the only source of illumination which has imprisoned them.

And suddenly, one of them roared. It was loud, unnatural and inhuman. It went on and on and on so that it seemed as if the world had no silence any more, only a blaring cacophony prevails. Silence was this. Feeling silence is so fleeting. I think the phrase itself is an oxymoron, you know like, you feel silence, you experience an epiphany and then it’s gone. Suddenly all of them started roaring. The roaring bucked into a crescendo of jarring sounds. Any sane human being, who had misfortune to be nearby, put his hands to his ears in a bid to keep out the noise. It could nearly drive one insane. And insanity was exactly what was happening to them. It had been too long, the roars seem to growl.  Noise again!  They seem to have tongue that screamed with the discomfort of an angel cursed to confinement in Satan’s lake of fire. They felt as if they were trapped in some sort of impenetrable fortress.

break free


We will break free soon. And you won’t be able to stop us. We will race through the thoroughfares, wild and free and anyone who dares to stop us shall die a merciless death. We have places to go and promises to keep. We will break free—we will… Could anyone feel their tension? Their rising protests suffocate the cries of a pregnant woman in the ambulance, the whining of a helpless kid who desperately seeks for an escapade. Anyone could see can see the brink of their insanity looming way ahead. The last pebbles of sanity crumble around one’s feet and fall into the waters of delirium. One only feels nothingness running through one’s veins and on looking around only blankness stares one at his face. Certain voices appeared as if they have been trying to speak through us. We realized that we have been living another life altogether; one we didn’t even know was going on inside us. And maybe this Voice might rise over all the other ghoulish noises  to make the other life seem more important than the one we think of as being real — this clunky day-to-day world of noise and noise.

traffic police

Suddenly some of them prepared to run; to gain momentum and the sound of them preparing themselves for flight was like the sound of a thousand horses rearing up for war. The voices inside egg them on to go, “One more step, just one more move”. They were bathing in the waters of madness. The anger of their minds flowed into their mouths and curses, shouts and roars seemed to sweep through the air; as harsh and as cutting as real physical blows. And suddenly, they all fell silent. They were tired of this; they were wasting energy that could be better spent in racing the very wind down the roads. One by one, all sounds of protests, roars and the like petered out into a single low rumble. And it was anger again, not red and vengeful and all-powerful anger,but ice-blue and patient and strong this time. Silence prevailed as they waited patiently to get freed of their restraint. They have these big, black blinkers on or something, looking straight ahead with a fixed smile on their face. But what are they looking at?All of them had trained their eyes on the one man who was standing in their way.

green signal


There he stood, with a hand held imperiously in front of him. As if his very palm discouraged movement.  As if he could control them – they who were beasts of steel. They stood glowering at him.Then, a green glow of serenity bathed all of them. And then, just as they had stopped, one by one they reared up to race down the roads as they were meant to; as they were made to. And race they did. They raced past the man who had stood in their way for so long.  Like a zombie he witnessed the fruits of democracy choking the traffic. The man took his white helmet off and wiped the sweat off his brow while speaking into a walky-talky.“This is Lalbazar traffic control, quite a lot of traffic at the A.J.C Bose Road and  Elgin Road intersection. Held up for nearly 20 minutes. Please see to it that the roads remain clear, the Governor will be passing through using this route. Over and out.”

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