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Recreational activities for Overall Wellness


Our lives have become hectic as we strive to meet the increasing demands of this competitive world. This leads to exhaustion of both mind and body, sometimes making us feel that our life has become monotonous and it is absolutely necessary to make sure that we are constantly rejuvenated to continue our work in a continuously frenzied manner. So what should we do for relaxation? Clearly Television or the Internet is not a solution because it just stresses out our sensitive eye bundles even more. Our recreational activity should stray away from the normal things we do for relaxation like reading or sleeping. True, they provide comfort to our tired self, but it is not always rejuvenating. One should try something that would exert us physically, but not as much as we would be in a gym. There are actually various activities that we could take up in our free time which is exciting which would also provide physical fitness and mental wellness.

1. Swimming

lake swimming

An immediate solution for revitalization is to hit the water and go swimming. There are swimming pools available in various places where one can become a member and frequently visit it. Swimming doesn’t necessarily have to be in pools. If there are ponds available in the surrounding areas which are deemed to be safe, then it is a better place to go swimming than the pools, because that is a chance to interact with the nature. Swimming is considered to be one of the best fitness regime as it employs the use of every muscle in our body in one stroke. If you don’t know swimming, then it is a good idea to learn it immediately because of its various health benefits. 

2. Cycling


The next easiest way to an immediate kick-start for our senses is cycling. If you own an old cycle, from school maybe, and it is under heavy repairs and is rusting away, then you’d better get it cleaned and working. Cycling is easy and enjoyable and can be practiced by any individual. Nowadays, there are various organisations which encourage wellness of the body and conduct cycling activities in the locality’s scenic places. Cycling in groups also creates a sense of bonding with each other in the group and it serves as a platform to undertake more cycling activities and adventures. Enthusiastic cyclists can also engage themselves in cross-country cycling, which is a form of mountain biking and the individuals who take part in this should possess stamina and confident maneuvering.

3. Nature Walks


For all those people not living in cities, but in one of those Ruskin Bond-ish picturesque locales, this is a must-do activity. Despite walking down those roads to quaint alleys or through the shrubbery into the forests many times in our life, nature has this knack of surprising us and leaving us breathless. We get lost in the astounding creations that the Mother Nature has to bestow upon us, and we forget everything but what we see. Nature walks also helps in our health as we inhale the smell from the fauna, thus cleaning our lungs ad providing us with unpolluted oxygen. Nature walks can even be undertaken by senior citizens to invigorate their senses.

4. Scuba Diving


Scuba diving is underwater swimming. One doesn’t necessarily have to possess the knowledge of swimming, because there are volunteers who’d assist you to go underwater. Scuba diving is a must, with or without the knowledge of swimming. Underwater life is like a whole new world, as the organisms there have adapted to a survival with minimal oxygen and sunlight. If one is lucky they might witness a school of fish, or star-fish, or coral reef. Sea life is like a fantasy world, and it is nothing as one imagines it to be. The omnipresent calmness is something one should experience.

5. Trekking


One of the challenging recreational activity, and sometimes categorized under extreme sports, trekking is something to die for. Some people are dubious about trekking, because of the risk factors involved and the difficulty levels. But once geared up for it, by exercising hard and improving on the stamina, trekking is a life changing experience, especially for those trek for the first time. You are nearly twenty kilometers and hundreds of meters away from human civilization, with absolutely no network in your phone, and all you can think about is making your way through the day. Terrifying as it may sound, it is actually a wonderful experience and sometimes an eye-opener to go through that kind of survival.

Most of these activities involve travelling. And yes, travelling really helps in clearing our mind. One should actually try out all these at least once in their lifetime.

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