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The Recipe of Success


What is success? Well, it simply means the achievement of the goals you set! For a student getting the first rank in the class could be the success, while for an athlete, winning an Olympic medal would be it.

Everyone wants to succeed. But not everyone does! So, what are the things that people do to become successful?

Let us see what you need to do:

  • Make your priorities: First you need to set the goals. Goals in every dimension of the life. For example, making this much amount of money could be your financial goal, while not getting ill throughout the year could be your health goal. Similarly, getting a promotion in the office could be your career goal. At the same time, you’re also supposed to give time to your family.

So, take a pen and a paper and write all the goals. All the goals in all the fields that you need to achieve in the coming days. They could be anything. Don’t wonder how impossible they seem. Next, prioritize them. Give them numbers according to how important they are to your life with the most important one getting the number one. For now, you need to forget all the other numbers. Just forget them. Your all focus should be concentrated on that one single goal. All your energy should work upon that one single thing.


  • Divide your bigger goals into smaller ones. The problem with bigger goals is about its approach. How to solve it. They need a lot of planning. An easier way to sort this out is to divide your bigger goals into smaller sub-goals.

A student, whose bigger goal is to top in his class after the completion of the year would sub-divide his goal as:

Fist start attending all the lectures and take notes. Next, revise everything the teacher taught in the class when I go to home and practice a few problems based upon that. Study in advance what is supposed to be taught in the class the very next day. Make a perfect routine to study. Solve all the previous year papers. Work for the small class tests first and try to score better marks and improve with every test.

See? The student divided his bigger dream to top in the class by making smaller goals. Now he exactly knows how to approach his goal with proper planning rather than jumping straight into the studies.

Another advantage of having smaller sub goals is that you stay motivated. There might be slight chances that in long term goals you start to lose hope. You’ve work so hard and still can’t see the success anywhere around. Achievement of those smaller sub goals would give you the sense of achievement and you’ll stay motivated, you’ll keep working on with the zeal and enthusiasm.

You’ll start working harder as you start to see the changes!


  • The motivating factor. Ask yourself “why am I doing it?” Ask it and write all the responses you get from it on the paper. Think of as many reason as you can. When you start to lose hope, read those reasons, remember why you started working for your goal at the first place.

The driving force to work comes from two ways:

Driven by success, or,

Driven by fear.

See yourself achieve your dream. How good it feels! How exhilarated you’ll be after achievement. Close your eyes and feel that achievement. Doing that, in a way, gives you the driving force to work upon even at the darkest phase of your journey to success. Visualize, picture yourself, do whatever you can do to feel that feeling you’ll be feeling when you accomplish it!

The driven by fear factor works in exactly opposite way. What if you fail? :O You’ll be a loser! And this will haunt you throughout your life that you gave up upon a dream that was supposed to be overcome. Not to mention that your life will definitely be worse.

  • How bad you want it? There is a very famous story about Socrates which inspires me a lot.

There was a young man, and he wanted to make a lot of money – a hell lot of it. So, he went to Socrates and asked how he could make it. Socrates asked him to come to the riverside the very next day at 4AM. The guy was happy, finally he was going to be rich. Socrates took the young man into the river with him and they keep going deeper until they reached the point where the water was just above the chin level. Socrates gripped his hair and dropped his head down right into the water. Socrates was strong. The guy tried a lot, but he failed to get outta water. Just when he was about to die, Socrates pulled him out and asked him “What did you want the most when you were deep there?”


When you want to succeed as bad you want to breathe, you’ll be successful.”

The story tells a lot. The only thing the young man cared about when he was deep inside was air. He had nothing else in the mind. That’s how it works. And that’s how you work for it

Good Luck!

good luck

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