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4 Reasons Why You Should Read Romantic Book


Two people, deeply in love with each other and the world around them, a paradise. If a book is presenting this world, it would just be much better and so beautiful that it would just sweep you off your feet. Be it a classic or a contemporary pulp fiction, any kind of romantic novel provides a great way to read, relax, enjoy and dream, all at the same time. Romantic novels have emotions ranging from love, hate, friendship, envy, jealousy, happiness, grief to almost everything. A romantic piece of fiction works wonders in making one feel happy and uplifting one’s spirits. However, if it does not end on a happy note, it brings you into cntact with the stark relaity of life and odes not let you build castles in the air which might just collapse one day onto your head itself. Romantic books are loved by all, irrespective of age, gender and race. Be it a teenager transgender or a forty year old cis male, deep inside, everybody likes to read about the emotion called love because it brings along with it, myriad emotions. Some of the reasons have been explored below as to why people love reading romantic novels:

1. Happy Feeling

Feel-goodFeel-goodhappy feelingFeel-goodFeel-goodFeel-goodFeel-good

if there is one thing that a romantic novel definitely does, it is that it makes one feel happy like anything. The light humour and bright atmosphere that is described in the novels makes one feeling of love between the protagonists always seems to be seeping through the pages as if it just tries to mix in with your very breath. Romantic novels lift up your mood and make everything around seem absolutely blissful. It makes the world a better place to live in, suddenly, out of nowhere. It gives the reader a certain sense of stability and contentment which is lacking very much in today’s chaotic world. A love story teaches you life lessons on how to be happy and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. It is always written in such a way that it is quite far from irrelevant and excessive ornamental language. The way a love story, generally, describes itself, is so relatable that one can only fall in love with love over and over again.

2. Positivity


The hearts and smiles, the holding hands and hugs, the gifts and suprises, all of these instil a positive attitude towards life in the reader. Love stories that end on a happy note, leave a person with high levels of optimism and comfort. It gives one the much needed strength to fight for one’s love and belief that the fight can be won and is not an impossible task. A romantic novel makes the Herculean task of getting acceptance from the society for your love, seem a very feeble one. This boosts the confidence of the reader as the reader now feels that he/she too can conquer the ills of fate. In general terms too, love stories have a sense of happiness attached to them, which in turn, brings with itself bucket loads of positivity. This positivity keeps one rejuvenated and keeps one’s belief system strong and structured.

3. Idea Provider


If you are in love, then the chances of your running short on ideas regarding wooing your partner, are always very high. In such cases, love stories are the most fun way of giving you options as it becomes a guide book. The way the dates are arranged in romantic movies, iyt is just out of the world and makes us fall in love with the author as we just cannot help but wonder how romantic must the author be in his/her real life! We always try to emulate the pick up lines that Erich Segal has left us with. Or even the recent most John Green! If you have read The Fault In Our Stars, there is no way that you have not thought of doing “Okay? Okay!” with your partner to create a spark that is so subtle that it is brilliant. Love stories have so many beautiful lines, situations and ideas that you can incorporate in your love life and it will make your partner wonder as to from where is all the mushy-ness coming from. That would be a good surprise. Go, try it out.

4. Fall In Love

Feel-goodfall in love

Often we come across a situation where we are in love but somehow or the other, we tend to disregard those feelings and turn a blind eye to the most beautiful emotion in the world. There are times when we do not realise ourselves that we are in lobve with someone because we are so close to them that we are just incapable of defining our relationship with them. In such scenarios, reading a romantic novel really helps. It becomes the counsellor you never had. As you read through the pages, you come across the mental dilemmas and thought processes of the protagonists and find yourself in similar situations. As the protagonists introspect and retrospect, you too do the same unconsciously which in turn awakens your consciousness from the feeling-slumber. As you flip through the pages, there is one person you constantly keep thinking about and it is as if you, yourself, are there inside the book, living it. There are numerous occassions when fans have dedicated their love lives to their favourite authors as it was because of their books that they did fall in love and how!

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