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Quick ways to earn money


Its summer again and most of us are really tired of the year of complete work and want to take ourselves out on a holiday with our friends or if not that then at least have some extra fun with people during the summers. Go to the café, hit the bars and rock the parties! Is that not the dream of most of us? But what’s the main problem? Money? Yea most people include shortage of funds as a major reason to sit at home and watch something boring over the television than hit the most rocking place in town. You do not necessarily need to be at the most expensive place in the surroundings but yea some quick beers with a couple of friends is enough to get you going through the week of extreme work and tiredness. Specially, if you are a college student or someone doing their majors, money is the most essential factor in deciding what you will be doing through the week as you are always shorts of funds and on a constant cutting on expenses routine. But what can you really do? You are doing your majors,you have loads of friends to hang out with and probably a girlfriend too, who is pestering you every now and then to spend time with her. Amidst all of this, how can you find time to earn some more so that you can balance your life and enjoy the way most of the others are enjoying. Earning money does not really have to be a tough task. It does not mean that you would have to do the laundry of the entire hostel or that you would be helping the mess guys to wash plates. There are many other quicker ways to do so. So here are a few quick ways to earn money with spending much time:

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1. Internships: The easiest way to earn money is to take up an internship. There are thousands of companies in the market who are short of people and by people I mean efficient people. There are loads of internships in the various sectors that you want like content writing, designing, marketing, IT, PR, etc. You can choose the field of your interest and these internships if done well can easily get you somewhere around Rs.5000-10,000. In fact a good choice of company could make you earn even more. The best part about these is that there is absolutely no pressure and you can work the amount you want and at the time you want.

2. Freelancing: Freelancing is the new thing these days as it gives very quick money and a lot of it in a very short period of time. Freelancing ideally means that you are a freelancer who is eligible for doing people’s work but not in the form of a startup or company. You as an individual are taking up the project. There are a lot of websites which offer opportunities to freelancers which can simply be googled. These too can be taken in the field of interest you want and the amount paid for basic and one time work is nearly Rs.10,000. Even one such project a month would be enough to take care of all your expenditure for 2 months at least.

3. Assisting: These days a lot of faculty members in college and post-graduate schools have been offering the roles of a personal assistant or a teaching assistant to students who are interested. The good part about this is that you can approach the teacher of your choice and increase your interaction with the respective faculty member. This is really helpful as you will consistently earn money throughout a semester or a year depending upon the academic structure of your college i.e. it provide you a certain sense of job security. This is really helpful as this also shows up on your resume and is something that you boast about during your placements as well. Being so close with the management of a college is a privilege. You can easily earn around Rs. 2500 amonth and improve on your other strong points as well.

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4. Blogging: This is the easiest way to earn money and the most enjoyable too. All you need for this is a laptop or a desktop with internet connection and you are good to go. Nothing else is needed. You can start your own blog and write on topics that you think interest you be it physics, environment, politics, finance, cartoons, fashion etc. It could be anything. The main criteria is that the content you write has to be really interesting. After this, you can register your blog with google and host google ads on your website and you will earn money for every person who visits your blog. There are a lot of blogs which have become famous through this. The best thing to do is to first not have ads on your blog, invite more and more people, make use of social media to spread the word about your blog and later, once people are used to coming to your blog and there is sufficient traffic and hits on your blog, incorporates ads into it so that you start earning your quick dose of money.

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