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Put On Your Walking Shoes!


We spend a lot of our time sitting. Most of us have a sedentary life style. Work consumes us. We have started depending almost solely on junk food that we so generously find on every single corner of almost every street. We eat so liberally. Sit all day. Work. Read. And then we complain about the excess of weight that we are making friends with! Ironical, isn’t it? It is sad as well.

So, when we gain weight, we complain about our weight issues. We try so many diet fads and all all sorts of exercises. If we manage to lose weight instantaneously and stop exercising and dieting, and then just stop, we gain double the amount. It is not that having a little extra weight is a huge, life threatening blunder. Health is about fitness. Weight issues are not the main objective. When we think about exercising, most of us cringe at the thought of even moving! All this has to be effectively managed. We need to take care of our health. It should always be our first priority.

This is where I would like to urge all you readers to put on your walking shoes! Walking is simple. You all know how to walk, right? Walking is cheap. It basically costs nothing! It gives us a lot of benefits. Here is a list of the major benefits of walking–

1) Decreases Disease Risk

Walking curbs so many diseases like type 2 diabetes, asthma and some cancers. A lot of health magazines talk about how every single step that we take helps in lowering the rate of the above mentioned diseases. The people who are in the constant habit of walking have a 20% less chance of developing cancer of the breast, colon and womb.

2) Good for the Heart

Walking is good for all round health. Studies show that walking regularly reduces the risk of heart disease and heart stroke. It also helps in lowering the level of bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol. Walking is an effective exercise for the heart as it makes the heart pump more blood, which leads to an improvement in the circulatory system as well. Walking regularly reduces the chances of high blood pressure by 27%

3) Keep the weight in Check

Walking regularly keeps us fit and active. A simple fact is that if you want to lose weight then you should burn around 600 calories more than what you’re eating. Walking is the easiest way to accomplish this goal. Walking is known to increase the muscle mass and also increases the metabolism. In short, the more you walk, the more extra weight you shed.

4) Walking tones the entire body

Walking is an exercise for the entire body. When we walk, we shed calories. This helps us lose weight. When we lose weight, it results in the toning of the legs, arms, butt and the stomach muscles. Walking helps us give a much needed definition to our limbs. Walking also helps us in maintaining healthy joints and that helps us in keeping away from seriously painful diseases like arthritis.

5) Prevention of Dementia and Osteoporosis

Walking is good for the brain as well. It helps in reducing the risk of dementia up to 40% Being a regular walker also helps in avoiding brain shrinkage and helps in the preservation of memory as the years trickle by. Walking is a weight bearing activity and it helps in strengthening the bones and increases their density as well.

6) Increase in Vitamin D levels

If you like walking in the sunlight, then walking provides you with an extra bonus! While walking in the sunshine, the intake of Vitamin D in our body increases. We do need to take a few precautions while walking in the sunlight. We need to take care of our skin. If proper care is taken, then there is a very less chance of sunburn and the like. Vitamin D is an essential element that helps in improving and maintaining the bone health and immunity of the body.

7) Walking makes us happy

Walking is a form of exercise. Every exercise results in the release of hormones called endorphins. Endorphins are pleasure giving hormones. Walking improves the mood. It also gives us time to interact with fellow colony members. It is a good way of making friends. Walking at a brisk pace is known to act the same as anti depressants and helps in the reduction of stress and anxiety.

Walk it off! Have you not heard of this phrase? Walking is cheap and easy. It has benefits galore! A lot of surveys have been conducted regarding walking and its various effects. It also helps in passing time in a very productive manner. Walking makes us feel more alert and alive. Walking and talking can be effectively teamed up. So, if you can manage to maintain your walking at a brisk pace, you can easily have a good time talking with your friends as well.

If you can manage to walk outdoors, there is nothing better than that! Walking rejuvenates us. Try heading out for lunch instead of sitting at your working desk and see the difference. In the long run, it keeps us fit and lends us a certain amount of confidence.

Happy Walking!

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