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Psycho, the rapist!


He went crazy and then he was jailed. She was abused and then she got ashamed. She was always the victim, first the psycho’s, then the society’s. But was it her mistake? She was out alone at night, she was wearing short clothes, she had make up on. Yet, was it her mistake? But that doesn’t seem to matter, because the way she has been treated since, she was no less the sinner. She was violated by an individual, betrayed by the society and was left alone, broken. In her struggle to deal with her wrong, wrong-doer and wrong-onlookers, she lost her conscience. There are some sins which cant be forgiven, but here she wasn’t forgiven for crying all the while…
This is a fate that every girl – yes, every girl – fears she might go through any day, any time. There are no warnings, no forecasts, no signs. And unfortunately, no redemption. She is bound to suffer her whole life then on. We were a country of morals, but what happened to us? How did some people come to think of themselves being even bigger than the law, bigger than the dignity of women? Maybe because they formed a group of psychos.  And not only the psychos who corrupted women, but also who said it was because the girls didn’t know how to dress, who thought it was only a mistake that boys commit – not a crime!

So the question is, is it only the mentality of wrong-doers that needs to be changed? Because there are a lot many people who avoid all this, but favour all this too. Those who dont know the victim have their sympathies with her, and those who do have their repulsion with her. But what was her fault? The only part she played was bringing out the psycho in them before someone else became the victim eventually. The sad thing is, those victims can not be revenged, just stood up for in hope of justice. And justice can only punish, not redeem.

Then what about the treatment? Most Psychiatrists recommend an effective method: shock treatment. For the psychos India deals with, it spells “Death penalty”. Fear. That is the element to be used to stop all such madness. Gang rape, minor rape and other major cases come up each day. Just one punishment for them all, to be hanged till death! No one cares about the existing laws, maybe knowing how dear it is going to cost them  would help strike them with fear large enough to feel ashamed that the thought even crossed their mind. If the peaceful demonstrations can’t stop them, painful punishments will have to take over. Because this isn’t an issue that can be left over to time and expected to abate gradually.

And to compliment her misery, comes the society. First, she is criticized by some people in open because according to them, she suffered of her own fault. She deserved it for wearing short clothes. And the boy? Oh, he just made a mistake by wronging her! Her neighbors, family friends assure their full support and then on, she is pitied upon her whole life. The society doesn’t even give her a chance to get over it, reminding her constantly with their actions what had once long ago happened to her. Some minors may not even remember it but still they would know that it did happen to them. That moment on, either she dies, or she dies everyday. And sometimes, she even prefers to close her eyes rather than look people in the eye.

Victim a.k.a. Accused

The psycho, he just gets out of the jail and leads a life better than the victim.  She lost her respect, dignity, life, honor. And he? He just lost his nerve. So i guess that’s okay! What if they did something wrong? She was the one who provoked him, sent him the ‘invitation’. It’s obvious that a person who is crazy enough to commit such a sin is also intelligent enough to justify it to himself. He may be punished, but he is never ashamed. And there’s no use trying to make him feel so. That’s why the shock treatment. They are psychos and they should be treated so. No reason to appeal to their inner conscience in the hope he may realize his crime! He committed the crime, he will be hanged. End of story.

Demonstrations won’t make a difference because eventually they will die down. It’s only the law capable of bringing a change. And change is an urgent need. Because it’s been too long since a woman felt safe, since she did everything she did without a second thought, since a psycho was shocked, since a newspaper had no new rape reports and since India won and the psychos lost. There is a single solution: those who can’t respect life don’t deserve it either. So dear justice, you may be blind but you are not deaf; not to hear the girl’s cries, the nation’s voice and the guy’s confidence. Don’t take it as a case, take it as a catastrophe and if you dissapoint us now… Well… You psycho!

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