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Those Pretty Eyes!


People try to do so many new innovative things to keep themselves in the pink of health conditions and to make themselves look brighter among the others. People hit the gym hard to lose or put on weight, they eat nutritious foods for glowing skin, grab good shampoos and conditioners for their eyes and what not. The list goes endless. But what about your eyes and your eyesight? How do you manage to get right set of food items for your eyes? Ever since the ages, we have seen people praising someone’s beauty or accrediting someone’s beauty to their eyes. Well, that is true indeed. Your eyes are the most precious ones. So here is the list of food items which can help you keep your eyes glowing and give healthy eyesight.


Foods for healthy Eyes


Well, this was obvious. Orange and red colored substances are known for having a high content of vitamin A which prevents the disease like night blindness. So quite obvious that consuming carrots can help the cause of maintaining good eye sight. Carrots have abundance of beta carotene, which is a sub type of vitamin A. This keeps your retina functioning in the right way. So next time you plan to have a salad, do pep it up with the carrots, a great source of giving you good eyesight.

Leafy Green Veggies

Leafy vegetables have always been known for their vibrant healthy properties. Leafy vegetables like kale and spinach have some essential nutrients which reduces macular degeneration in eyes, which is a common sight in the old age. It also protects you from cataract. The presence of lutein and zeaxanthin in spinach is a wonderful nutrient that gives your eyes a brighter look and keeps your eyes working in the right way. So these green veggies help your cause to the optimum level best. Do not shy away from green vegetables. Eat them and also serve them to your children and all other near and dear ones.


Just like the carrots, even orange is a good source of vitamin A and can help prevent you from night blindness and other eye related disorders and diseases. Oranges are also known to have vitamin C which is high source of citrus acid. Sparkling of orange peel on your eyes can be a tough experience for you, but believe it or not, it does wonders to your eyes and keeps your eyes clean. Over 100 milligrams of vitamin C is present in a glass of orange juice. It minimizes and reduces the risk of macular degeneration and also cataract. Similarly, you can also have other juices which have vitamin C content. So you can choose to have grape juice which can be equally effective, if not more.



As discussed earlier, with the growing age, macular degeneration in the eyes speeds up which can cause many problems and may lead to astigmatism and cataract. This particular disorder can be minimized by the food items which are rich in zeaxanthin and lutein. Eggs are a great source of these nutrients and thus are very effective in shielding your eyes from all sorts of eye related problems. You might not be a big fan of eggs, but they do keep your eyes glowing. In case you don’t prefer eggs, green veggies are always awaiting you.


A fistful of almonds completes your regular requirement of vitamin E. Almonds are a great source of vitamin E. you can always bank on them. No matter what your age is, the richness of almonds in proteins and vitamins make it one of the most suitable food items for maintaining healthy eyesight. Almonds protect the cells present in the eyes from the invading free radicals and thus keep them clean. Not just almonds, you can consume any nuts or nut containing food items in this regard. Peanut butter can do a world of good to your eyes. Nuts, groundnuts, peanuts and every other nutty substance prevents cataract and are very helpful especially for the older people. The cloudy vision clears up when you develop a habit of consuming nuts every day.



This is something for the sea food lovers. Fish is a great source of proteins and minerals can help minimize the risk of all eye sight and vision related problems. The presence of fatty acids protects the eyes from getting dry, a problem which is commonly known as dry eye. They help in maintain the retinal function and ensure that the eyes are functioning properly. Moreover, they help in vision development. If you have specs and are worrying about the increasing number, you should consider eating up fish so that you can reduce the number of your specs and improve your vision by leaps and bounds. Some fishes which are loaded with fatty acids are mackerel, tuna, salmon and cat fish. So spice up your food with some delicious sea food!


Just like the fish, even oysters are very good for improving eye sight. Oysters have a high dosage of zinc. Night blindness is clearly linked with the deficiency of zinc in our regular diet. Oysters complete your zinc requirements in the best possible manner. They are very good sources of zinc. In addition to that, you can have liver, whole grain or milk in order to meet the zinc requirement of the body.

Eyes are our most precious resource. We should maintain our vision and enjoy the beauty of this world. So choose the right food and keep your eyes safe!

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