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Preparing for the Monsoons- PART I



The monsoon season is just around the corner, and preparing for it is a must. We love rains, don’t’ we? At least most of us do. Funnily enough, many don’t realize that monsoon affects us internally as well as externally.

Let us talk about internal issues first. It is very important for us to make our bodies immune before and during monsoon. Few of the simplest tips include –

  • Drink lots of water!

It is important to drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated during monsoon. This is difficult for many of us as when we’re working or in college, it will mean frequent visit to the bathroom. But do it anyway. We don’t sweat easily during the monsoons and our body is unable to get rid of toxins. Water is able to drain them. Thus, it leaves behind a healthy body with fewer toxins.Drink a glass of warm water mixed with a teaspoon of honey on an empty stomach. This flushes out accumulated toxins.

  • Have a healthy and balanced diet.


It is advisable to include lots of vegetables and fruits in your diets and avoid meat during monsoons. Avoid sea – food too.  Avoid over – eating and more importantly avoid eating from outside especially street food. So forget about your local pani puri-wala and gola wala. They are anyways pretty unhygienic. The monsoon season comes with a large number of ailments and only gets worsened with the kind of food we eat. Include fruits like bananas in your diet and also a lot of liquids especially soups.  Stick to pasteurized dairy products and buy eggs only if their shells are intact. Avoid oily, fried food.

  • Washing before eating.

Remember how we learnt in school to wash our hands before eating and washing the fruits and vegetables before we eat? Follow them scrupulously.  Washing your vegetables before cooking them is perhaps the best way we can save ourselves from the bacteria and germs which might be present in your vegetables. Avoid storing cooked food in the refrigerator for long and consuming that food. Stick to freshly prepared and hot meals.

  • Beware of illnesses!

One of the most common problems of monsoon is the amount of illnesses and infections they bring with them. Do not take viral flu lightly or even common cold.  Don’t forget there has been no cure discovered for the latter. Prevent yourself from headaches and fevers. Avoid extremely cold drinks especially when you return home. Stick to hot soups and teas. In case of sore throats, have a spoon of honey mixed with grounded black pepper or the combination of that with brandy. Have clean food. Stomach ailments like dysentery, diarrhea and food poisoning are a common feature of monsoons. Clean your house and beware of the mosquitoes! Malaria, dengue and chikunguniya are also very common during monsoons. Get rid of the garbage dumps near your house and get the gutters and water canals clean. You cannot have stagnated water around you.


  • Avoid getting wet unnecessarily.


You are not shooting for a film song. Getting wet in the monsoon rains are not healthy and you only end up inviting ailments. Avoid stepping into puddles or into places where water gets accumulated and stagnated. If you have cuts on your feet it will get infected very easily. Carry the umbrella in your bag. Forgetting umbrellas are not so cool. Also, invest in sturdy umbrellas and do not buy them because they look good.

  • Exercise!

Sleeping comfortably under the blanket while it is raining outside feel like heaven. But don’t stay in too long. Do not sleep during the day. Remember that laziness happens to be man’s greatest enemy. Getting lethargic is the last thing you want. Regular exercise will help your body be immune during the monsoon. Some yoga or stretching exercises at home are helpful.

  • Take care of your eyes.

Keeping your eyes clean is very important. Eye problems like dryness and stys are easily developed during monsoon. Conjunctivitis and sore eyes are common. Never touch your eyes if they are not clean and avoid rubbing them unnecessarily.

  • Keep yourself clean.

We all know the importance of personal hygiene. We need to be more careful during the monsoon. Avoid contact with your mouth if your hands are dirty. Keep your feet clean and invest in appropriate footwear for the monsoon. The feet can develop problems and skin diseases. Those with diabetes need to take a lot of care of their feet during the monsoons. They should not walk barefoot as the soil contains all types of germs during the rains. They could massage their feet with sesame oil after which the feet should be protected with comfortable and closed footwear. Leptospirosis is another disease that is a consequence of wading and playing through the monsoon water infected or inflicted by the excreta of rodents. Wear protective and closed footwear. Gumboots are an ideal option. Cut your nails too!

If you experience slight uneasiness and signs of fever, go to the doctor immediately. Do not self – medicate.  Next up, is how to prepare your body externally – your skin and your hair for the monsoons.


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